Questions from a newb


Hey so I’m a new player in Empire and next year will be my first year attending also my first larp ever!
I’m already in all the Facebook groups, but decided this will be the best place to ask questions because I’m certain people are getting sick of me constantly posting on Facebook lmao

I will be travelling from Ireland to England in order to attend and I would prefer not to track a tent over with me so my question is where do I rent a tent while I’m over there?

Also what is the closest supermarket to Empire so I can stock up on food supplies?


If they are larper then I doubt they are sick of you posting, most of us like new people and you will find most people at empire are very friendly and accommodating.

You can rent an IC tent but you will need to book it fairly quickly as lots of people want to use them. If you go to the PD website and look under booking, you should find tent hire there. If they are all gone then maybe talk ask around on facebook and here to see, out of the people that are going, if any of them have a spare tent.

Food wise, there is stuff on sight so that could solve your food problem, there is also the town of Brackley fairly near by if you want to get things from there before hand. They have a Waitrose and a Tesco.

Welcome to larp and empire. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them.


Heya. It’ll be my first event too! I used to live nearby. Dadford’s not too far


Jasperleigh, welcome along :slight_smile:

If you are camping with a group in an IC tent, then there may be extra space for you to sleep there. If camping OOC, then a simple geodesic tent should be grabbable for about £10. Either at a local supermarket, or you could ask someone to pick one up and meet you on site with it.

Continue bouncing around on these forums and facebook, make some friends and contacts, and I suspect there’ll be someone willing to help out there in some form. Plenty of time to sort that out
Happy to answer further questions :slight_smile:


My concern with those is that they might not cope so well with the weather. The wind at E3 got a little wild and quite a few people found that their tents were no longer suitable for sleeping in even for summer.

If nothing else though, bring lots of blankets and something (camp bed, foam mats, etc.) to get you insulated from the ground earth. Even in summer, the nights can get cold and the weather can turn from so dry that open fires are banned to wet and rainy overnight.


Another option is some people stay in a Travelodge nearby. You might be able to find someone who could give you a lift.


Hi what’s your budget for tents? As looking on the Mountain warehouse website, who have a branch in Banbury, you could get something for £50-100. I would recommend something that is double skinned, something like the Backpacker 2 perhaps? (Beware in season they’ll probably be full price). Hmmm that kind of tent might be truckable over with you, check the weight limits on how you’re travelling.

Otherwise @Penny’s suggestion of a travel lodge is good, but book now as those rooms go quickly :slight_smile:.

I’ll also second @AnthonyHJ’s words about insulation, even something like this will help as it’ll insulate you from the ground. Then stick blankets over the top and get a decent sleep bag as well.

This blog has a bunch of great tips on how to sleep warm in the winter -


Geodesic tents are the usually expensive, do exceptionally well in severe weather tents used for high level mountaineering and are probably overkill for a larp at less than 150m altitude. Although I would be deeply suspicious of any geodesic tent being sold for £10.

Tent choice is always a compromise on weight vs space inside vs surviving adverse weather vs affordability. Of that set you can usually have a maximum of three.

I’ve used a small 2 person dome tent similar to ( for all of empire including the year when I was travelling down by public transport from northern Scotland it hasn’t failed in the wind (yet) but I’ve watched lots of larger tunnel tents with a bigger cross sectional area catch the wind and end up completely destroyed.

Jasperleigh - How are you travelling?

If you’re coming by train to Banbury and then the minibus to site there is a shopping center with a M&S fairly near the train station and if you’ve got a gap between train arrival and mini bus pick up it’s quite easy to walk over and grab food.

There is a Tesco at Towchester which is probably the closest to site by car which some people do trips to on Friday Morning so if you can find someone going you might be able to get a lift.

Some people do online food orders that they get delivered to the entrance of site, although you then need to be at the entrance which is quite a distance from the playing field when the order arrives.

There are also caterers who sell food on site. It’s generally about £6-7 for a hot meal.

Tent wise, I would recommend either finding someone else attending site with space in their tent and asking to share or buying a tent ahead of time and bringing it with you. Nothing is worse than trying to put up a tent for the first time in the pouring rain and finding that it’s missing a piece or doesn’t work out how you expect.