hi again! so i am back with a bag full of questions

  1. my character is complet new to empire in general duo to her past in druj,any ideas on playing on that?
  2. i want to be at big events at anvil but i dont know how to get involed duo to some anxiety and autisim
    3.rules about bringing plushies into game?
  3. any ideas on what to add to my notebook,juliet writes and draws things she learns .doesnt have to be medic,it can be any small thing she have learned over the year she have been in dawn

thats all bye bye!

  1. Well, there’s the usual phrase; “I’m new to Anvil”. Which signifies you’re a new player/character. You could ask a lot of questions, exclaim at all the people/nations/imperial regalia and important doings…

  2. Very few things are actually barred. You could wander in to watch the Senate meetings, the Military Council, the Dawnish Earls council… as long as you’re quiet. If you want to get a bit more involved, the easiest thing may be to run messages, or take notes, or similar. Heck, ask people about themselves and what they’re planning?

  3. They can’t be player characters. You may need to claim it’s a mythical creature, a present, or a good luck charm. Rule 0*, of course, applies, and can be a danger. Don’t get too soggy. If they get lost they may end up at the Academy…As long as it’s not too immersion breaking, I don’t see a problem. I started my LARP career (different system) with a plushie acting as my wizards familiar, riding in my satchel with it’s nose sticking out :slight_smile:

  4. Names of Houses, sketches of castles and bridges and things, drawings of House symbols, short poems and childrens rhymes, songs… heck, write in the “Imperial Battle Hymn” or “Brittas Glory” (aka “Charge Dawn Charge”) if you need reams of text. Sneaking in the rules for what your character skills do is also a classic move. “Hmmm, let me check my notes…”

*Rule 0 = Do not be on fire. Don’t stick the teddy bear next to the firepit…

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(Ugh, hit shift/enter and posted just the middle half of this)
1: Find a group who fought in the Barrens. They have been kicked about the most by Druj/kicked the most Druj. That will give you a strong background connection. Also read the wiki on Ossium, that has a lot of Druj info.

2: Best way I found to break the nervousness was to play a minion. Back before Empire, I signed up to be “Third Snake Person From the Left” with a friend from my local system. It helped a lot to have a clear mission from my character’s boss, as I could always say “Hi, I’m from X” or “Oh hey want to buy some of these GREAT DRUGS?”. Do you have any friends who play Empire, or could you bring a more experienced or confident buddy along?

If not, then I would definitely recommend the priest game. Virtue Assemblies can be relatively small, they have a clear direction, and if you can turn up to a meeting and volunteer to do something for a Cardinal it will give you some game. Similarly, the Militia tend to work in pairs, so if that might be your thing, find them in play.

3: Write down the Common Sayings for your character’s preferred Virtue (I play a Vigilance priest, I noted down the stuff off here). Write down crib notes like “20 Rings to a Crown, 8 Crowns to a Throne”. Keep a diary at Anvil, and write in what you did/plan to do each day. If you play a physick, write down what all the herbs and all potions you know how to make do, and what goes into them. If you’re a ritualist, write down the rituals that you know and what they do. Maybe put the OC info like +1 hit in, but then a good IC description. Write some of the songs off the wiki. Definitely write some in if you’re a ritualist, they can be a great way to fill 2 minutes. If you play a fighty character, write in a list of some cheap but useful magic items you might want.


Since she’s new to the Empire, she doesn’t know a huge amount about the Empire yet.
How does she feel about that, and how does it make her act?
Could be embarrassed about the ignorance and try to hide it.
It’d probably be more fun for you if she’s enthusiastic about learning more, asking lots of questions.

She’ll probably find some things surprising, or at least impressive… or maybe maybe disappointing in some cases, especially if she’s heard distorted accounts about Anvil. What if she’s expecting the Sentinel Gate to be a hundred feet tall and an actual gate that opens and closes?

Has she ever met any orcs before apart from Druj? How will she react when she encounters Imperial Orcs?

She has spent some time in Dawn, but perhaps knows far less of the Empire’s other nations. Does she want to talk to people of other nations and learn about them? Or concentrate on Dawn based on a belief that it’s best?

With most of the big events that happen, the characters running them want to make it easy for others to join in: that’s necessary for the event to end up big!

Perhaps the main thing is for your character to have reasons/motives to get involved in certain things: if the involvement is a means for her to achieve something or make progress towards some goal that she has. Goals can be as simple as “I want to enjoy watching a play!” or something big and complicated like getting the whole Empire to concentrate on the Druj as the top priority, ahead of all other enemies.

If your character knows any magic, going to Conclave is an option. To be more involved more easily, you could read about the recent magical news and situations (see the “Winds of Magic” articles from Profound Decisions) so that your character knows what’s been going on and can have ideas, question, opinions, recommendations…

Also for Conclave, she might want to choose and join an Order, and/or join in with any meetings an Order might hold:

It’d be quite straightforward to get involved at the Anvil Hospital, especially if your character knows chirurgery or healing magic: turn up and ask “How can I help?” It’s a big tent near the Sentinel Gate.

The biggest events are the battles. If she chooses to participate, then of course OOC you would need to play one of the enemy on the other day, but all she needs to do is turn up at the Sentinel Gate in the morning on the day Dawn will be fighting, and go through the Gate with the rest of Dawn . If she has any Wisdom though, she’ll get to know some people the day before and go along with them specifically: that way she’ll have people keeping track of her and more likely to rescue her if she needs it, and they’ll all be able to work together more effectively, knowing one another’s abilities.

It also makes sense for her to try to get relevant equipment and supplies to take to the battle. That might be weapons and armour (mundane or magical), mana crystals, herbs, potions etc.

Cloth and wadding exist in the Empire, and glass for eyes. It seems perfectly reasonable to imagine that some Empire citizens make such things.
So your character could have one, so long as it suits the game-world setting as something that Empire citizens might have made.
So don’t bring one made with incongruously modern materials, or one that’s a recognisable real-world character like Paddington Bear.

Maybe some useful information relevant to her skills (from the Wiki, but her own telling of it, or the words of someone who taught her).

  • The uses of the different medicinal herbs and potions
  • Details about Artisan items that she wants to acquire or that she knows how to make
  • Rituals in her Realm of magic
  • Rituals she wants to get someone else to cast (possibly on her, or on her forest or mine or fleet)
  • Details of the priestly skills, if she knows any
  • A list of the Virtues, and other details about the Way.
  • Recipes for foods
  • Old to-do lists with the items crossed out
  • Details about some specific places in Dawn
  • Names of Imperial armies, or at least the Dawnish armies
  • “Mathilde’s cup blue, Gavriel’s yellow, Launcey’s with dragon” (written because those children are so upset if someone gets it wrong).

Hi @sky.starlarp, my name is redfighterwilder As person with disability I understand where you coming from. my introduction to larp was documentary about a guy who has autisim. and that I got interested the hobby few years ago. I am still working on my empire larp character is artisan and fighter. Who is a wintermarker. If we find meet each other in anvil my in character name Torin Asher.

I hope you have a great experience in anvil in the near future.
signed Redfighterwilder