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I wanted to know if the my gear only has to look medieval or has to be proper medieval and if it only has to look so to which extent can you go such as for example modern boots but they can fit in a medieval setting, atm I haven’t really thought out my costume but here is what I have so far,

The tunic is something I had laying around and is more of a religious garb (polyester like fabric), the belt obviously is modern but I will change that, the coif I bought and the mantle I made myself, it’s a work in progress and will be much larger and be made look black when it is finished. Also Is it appropriate for a marcher soldier to dress in all black?

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Can’t answer to the rest of your questions, but footwear wise the rule is no trainers. Many people, myself included wear modern boots. Dry, comfy feet and supported ankles are important!
And for most costume stops at the ankle :slight_smile:

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Black is in the Marcher brief, but as is my first instinct was Highguard because of that lovely trim you’ve got going. The Marchers aren’t into decoration as much as the other nations, too ostentatious for their tastes.

Boots, absolutely go modern if you want to. As long as they aren’t garish people will forgive most walking boots (which is what I wear) and other boots. I even have emergency wellies that I tuck up into my trousers if things are getting particularly bad out there.

A good phrase that gets banded around here is ‘coolthentic’, meaning we pinch cool bits of history to make ourselves fit the brief but we don’t have to be proper authentic.


Empire has no requirement for historical accuracy. As long as it fits the costume brief (stopping at ankles is fine) it’s good to go.


If it looks good it is good


I think black in the Marchers is all about how you accessorise it. I can think of a couple of Marcher characters who wear black and look definitely Marcher due to hats, symbols, weapons and other accessories.


There’s nothing you are wearing in that photo that stands out as too modern for empire (The belt could be improved). The only problem is it is excellent Highguard kit, and there is definitely an ethos of keeping the nations distinctive.

The Trim and the style of the item are very Highguard, and the high contrast of the chainmail also reinforces that to me.


I was thinking of joining Highguard but when I went through their nation wiki I didn’t feel like they were the nation for me, the char I want to play is one of a soldier who was a peasant and is not really righteous. I am still not sure about which nation to join but my instinct was the marches. The tunic I want to change to a plain cloth one without any trimmings but the same colour and a belt I was thinking of maybe ordering one online with some pouches.

We’re not all righteous!! We do believe we’re better than anyone else but if you ask any Marcher they’ll say exactly the same!

And almost all of Highguard are ex or current soldiers, military service is in our brief.

We do welcome all comers so if you do decide to change to us as stated your kit above would fit perfectly.

Hannaniah of Cantiarch’s hold, Highborn!