Quilts and Mosaics

I was thinking about decoration for chapels and foci for meditation and it occurred to me that quilts can have similarities to mosaics in their patterns. I might have a go at making Highguard quilt over the winter. Probably mostly black and white :wink:

I fear this quilt, it sounds like it might look like some sort of Bauhaus-designed Rorschah test :smiley:

Sounds fabulous and reminds me of a historical quilt I read about for years in texts about tutor England that was designed so close up it just looked like a patchwork blanket but when worn at a distance there was a cross visible it was made as stealth vestments for a cathotic priest. I never though much more about it apart from using it as reference that patchwork blankets must have existed and been relativity common for it to work.

Then one day there was a vestments through the ages exhibition at Tewsbury Cathedral, lots of lovely goldwork etc then i came across a really nice modern patchwork cope… you can see where this is going … I read the label and it wasn’t modern it was the tudor one I had read about so much. It was very well preserved and really did look some clever modern art quilt, quite small patches, squares, triangles etc in subtly different shades.

Our Egregore has a quilted robe with SURPRISE HORSELABYRINTHES. :smiley:

I’m putting together a pinterest page as inspiration for this - thought I would share in case anyone else is interested: pinterest.com/adainfinity/mo … nd-quilts/