Rain, Seating and Spoonie questions

Hey there!

I’m a new player booked for the upcoming event. First time Larping as well. Already managed to find most of the info I need except for these questions, if anyone can help that would be swell.

  • I’ve been trying to find something rain proof to wear IC. Does anyone have any ideas, or do most people just duck into cover and hope for the best?

  • Should I bring my own fold out chair for IC, or is there plenty of seating around camps and such?

  • Lastly, and this is more a general Larp question, but is there anyway to create a character that is able to do physical tasks you can’t do IRL? Like being a skilled fighter or a high stamina scout, something you can’t physically represent while IC.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Personally, I do my best to get by with a combination of lots of layers (including cloaks, which can be surprisingly good at keeping the rain off) and keeping under cover where possible. However, I spend more time under canvas than most, so I might not be the best one to ask!

Bringing your own seating is big and clever. If you’re using a modern camping chair, then I’d bring something to drape it with so it looks more IC - but being able to sit down wherever you go is a huge asset. Most camps have some sort of seating, but there are a lot of people in the field!

So… at Empire, at least, you can certainly create a character who is off-screen capable of physical feats that you’re not - I could create a character who leaps from ship to ship whilst fighting - so long as the feats are reasonable.

But whilst at an event, if you want to do anything like that you would need to represent the action yourself (and have it be safe). Some skills help with that - like the Unstoppable skill allowing you to restore hits back, thus creating a fighter who has reserves of energy to keep going - but unfortunately, L(A)RP combat (in Empire, at least) is mostly a “hard skill”, meaning it relies on OC ability, not on IC skills.

So whilst it’s possible to roleplay that in downtime your character does various things you yourself couldn’t recreate, you may want to figure out some reason your character wouldn’t do them at Anvil if you want to maintain that roleplaying.

If you want more advice about Spoonie-related topics, have you joined this group on Facebook? AIUI that’s an unofficial group, but are
likely much better about advising about this kind of thing than I am!


Welcome to the hobby, the game, and the forums!

Some good answers from Emmanovi, and I’d also reccomend the Spoonie Larpers FB group.

You can get cloaks and the like treated to be rain-proof (or sprayed with rainproofing after purchase). I’ve seen the occasional parasol, folk stomping along under shields, I’ve worn an anorak under a top layer so I look drenched but my core is fine, I’ve seen folk wearing enough layers that they don’t notice… but if it’s tipping it down, I’d duck into a tent if I were you :slight_smile: Plenty of folk will happily allow you to step in for a chat and to get out of the rain…

There is a certain amount of seating, and carrying a chair can get a little wearing. However, one friend found an awesome mini-stool that is little more than a pad on one leg, but collapses into a beer can size black cylinder on her belt… I’ve looked but can’t find it online…

Interesting question… due to safety, there’s some things you can’t do even if you have the physical ability (pick up an opponent, climb up the giant monster). And due to physical constraints, there are a lot of things you can’t upgrade beyond YOUR ability.

Quick couple of terms here:
Soft Skills: stuff on your character sheet, which your character can do. Including casting spells, chopping someones leg off in a single blow, holy blessings, being thumped a lot without dying.
Hard Skills: Stuff that is determined by YOUR abilities, including public speaking, being able to walk around a field looking for someone for over an hour, ability to larp-sword-fight, falling over dramaticaly.

Obviously the magic stuff is soft skills only*, and the more physical stuff, such as fighting, is more hard skills. Your best bet for boosted apparent physical ability (in this system) is the Heroic Skills set.

Examples include Unstoppable (covered above), Cleave (cutting down opponents in one blow), Strikedown (knocking folk over with one blow) and Relentless (takes crippling injury and carries on). These will make your character harder-hitting and more resilient, but you need the hard skill to back them up…

…and unfortunately, for the high stamina scout, you’ll have to use hard skills. For over an hour of running around in the woods, I’d go for some cross-country running, plenty of hydration, and maybe a sugar rush on the day :stuck_out_tongue:

*If you can cast magic in real life, I suspect that PD will happily employ you to do special effects :smiley:

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Hello and welcome.

As @Emmanovi said, Layers are your friend. If you get the chance to, some of the waterproofing for coat sachets that you add to the washing machine will help stop the rain soaking in as much to your top layer (Not perfect and depends on the fabric but has helped to keep the steady mizzle that the autumn events get sometimes. DRY FEET AND SOCKS!!! if you have good sturdy walking boots, give them a polish before the event. Warm dry feet will help to combat a lot of the lack of spoons. Hoods and cloaks are the premier wet weather wear, Wool is best if you can afford it.

A chair or stool is very worthwhile. If you can do wooden you may save a lot of headache of soggy muddy draping but its not important. Be comfortable and do proper self care. use some string to tie the drape in place and if a little bit of leg at the bottom shows, no one will care.

Your last question is a little more nebulous. The battle field “Can” be frantic in places but don’t have to be. Depending on your nation the prevailing tactics range from mad dashing about like a technicolour hurricane than ran through a dozen jewellery shops to an Genteel or lazy saunter across the battlefield. Also different roles on the battle field require different levels of exertion (but this is by no means fixed). Scouts and skirmishers do a lot of running about while people in heavy armour and shields then to take their time a little to save wearing themselves out. Mages can be just as martial as the clankiest walking armoury by sheer dint of the spells they wield needing to hit and mage armour is incredibly light and easy to wear (but only provides 2 bonus hits)
Feel free to pm me and I will happily give you more detail or answer more specific questions. Surviving the battles are more to do with situational awareness, staying close to some mates.

Also this as said above.

Remember your in the field to have fun. No one will care if you need to break IC a little at night while its poring down. And every groups tents are open to visiters. Ask if you can warm your self by the fire, it is rare you will be turned away (not going to say it wont happen. Things may be happening IC or OC)

Also there may be a lot less seating around for players now. The benches are breaking quicker now and they are being prioritised to caterers, god, Hub, MC and such.


Staying warm and dry is key to having a good event. As other have mentioned above there’s a bunch of different ways. I go for modern waterproofs - jacket and trousers - hidden under my layers of kit. That way regardless of what my kit looks like I’m dry underneath. Bring spare clothes if you can pack them as well; nothing worse than getting drenched on Friday night and then having cold, wet clothes for the whole weekend. If you do get seriously soaked and are having a miserable time, go speak to GOD/PD and they will do their best to help you, even if it’s just a warm place to sit for a bit until you dry out.

There’s usually some seating around but if you struggle to stand for long periods of time for any reason I highly recommend taking your own chair.

Not above and beyond the skills that you take at character creation. This does mean that combat is skewed towards those in good OC physical health. I struggle with my health so I’m not fighting at the moment, or if I do I’m going to monster only so that I’m not obliged to fight both big battles this event.

On the other hand, fighting is just one thing that you can do at Empire so don’t worry if you can’t, you can still get embroiled in national and Empire-wide Senatorial politics, magic politics, religion politics, random plot that comes on the field, stuff individuals and groups come up with, or just wandering around talking to folk. The game is good like that.

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Thanks everyone who replied.

Got myself a cloak and some thick fabric from a charity store to cover my head in case it rains. I’ll use the fabric as a cushion when sitting around too.

I think I might just leave it until next time to try combat and just sit back a little more for my first event. I’ll hopefully have better mobility next year anyway so try battles then.

Looking forward to it!