Realm Runes?

Are there any other references to the 6 Realm Runes, other than:

I presume they are just named Spring, Summer, Clown Mole, Winter, Night and Day, but I cannot immediately see any other references to them on the Rune pages and rune lists (the wintermark Illustrator sheet doesn’t have them, for example)

Would I be correct in using these to represent the 6 realms in a tome, or would no one have any idea what they are as most people just use the 24+2 “standard” runes?

They’re not part of the main set of runes, but are separate symbols in the same visual theme. You could use them, but it would probably be in a bit of a smug “I know more interesting symbols than you do” sort of way.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear the second part of that sentence over my fantastic sleeves. I’m going to assume it was “You should use these because it will mean you are both big and clever, and anyone who says contrary is jealous or a poor.”

Very much obliged!

I need to write the details down somewhere, but they are Dawnish sigils built in the style of the runes that represent the Realm as a whole. If that helps. They’re not used on items as often as the Wintermark runes are, but they’re designed to look good on banners, tapestries and the like.