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hiya folks,

I’ve just checked my recent downtime rewards and i’ve made 136 rings from my level 8 fleet (+5 because of a ritual) partaking in a unique raid (brass coast just incase it matters) but didn’t make or find rather,any other materials, does this seem about right? or do you think i’ve only received the rewards of my usual level 3 fleet?

thanks in advance

If you are unsure if you got the right amount, best thing to do is email - although bear in mind it may take a little while to get back to you.

Ah I think I can see the same thing as you. I did have a bunch of herbs there and now I can see only money. I suspect it’s because they’ve been booked out to be put into your player pack.

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You can review the transaction history, per resource, to see how your player pack is coming along.


Ah thanks, ok I can’t see any production for the raid on my account yet so it looks like they’re still in the middle of processing perhaps?

i was going to but didn’t want to pester them incase it was just me being greedy, but my friend took part in a similar event and earnt the equivalent to double mine

the only production i have is the money, just checked online if i where to of traded with a port id of received 90 rings, and about 15 materials

Ah right I’ve just dug this up from the “interlude” page for downtime.

Raiding Beoraidh

  • Any character with a fleet or military unit personal resource can choose to support the Raid on Beoraidh action this downtime.
  • Characters who support the raid receive no production from their personal resource, but do receive a share of the Imperial Guerdon based on the strength of their resource.

Another opportunity has arisen for the fleet captains and small unit commanders to take the fight to the Grendel. The target of this raid is the frontier city of Beoraidh (or Beoraidh) in Mareave. The option can be found in the paid work dropdown for military units, or the privateering dropdown for fleets. Military units and fleets assigned to support the raid will not produce any wealth this downtime, but will receive a share of the Imperial Guerdon. Full details are available here.

So you’re getting a share of the Guerdon. So it looks like we’ve got what we’re getting out of that raid. Hopefully along with 2000 orc gladiators as well mind :slight_smile:.



Assuming that your user name is your character name, then I’ve checked your account, and the output you’ve received is correct. The enchantment has been correctly accounted for. The only production from the Raid at Beoraidh was shares of the Guerdon.


The output you’ve received is correct. The only production from the Raid at Beoraidh was shares of the Guerdon.
I cannot see you submitting any herbs at the end of last event, and have confirmed via the hand in sheets. If you think this is incorrect, drop me line?

This is largely what Mark has just posted, but I’d already written all this so I figured I’d still post it.



amazing thank you for clarifying

worth it, and it’s still a substantial amount.

No worries @Graeme must have been left over from the last DT. All sorted, no worries.

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I’ve checked my inventory after seeing this thread and found that i’ve gotten 168 rings, rather than the 238 i thought I would have gotten (Suppressing Asaveans). I imagine there might be something in the WoF about this, but would it be worth emailing the empire admins just in case something is actually wrong?

Are you sure you picked suppress rather than support? Suppressing the uprising should have earned you 11 crowns (which is 220, then add on your base 18 rings for 238 rings), while supporting the uprising should have earned you 7 crowns (140 rings, then add on your base 18 rings for 158 rings).

Definitely chose suppress, i’ve been making too many jokes about selling out while on a nice holiday to have mistaken it this far in (though if I have i’ll be devastated :D)

From my inventory at least, the 18 rings of personal income hasn’t been added yet. It’s usually added at the point that packs are made up for the event.

If you go to the history section of your inventory and to the money section you should be able to see what event has given you what amount of money and it might help you work out what’s going on.

Unfortunately the history tab only tells me “Downtime production by military unit in 2019 Winter Solstice” so I can’t seem to check whether my entry of suppressing was the choice that went through. I’ll try emailing the support team later on to see if this can be cleared up :slight_smile:

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