Reckoning ain't easy

So Helly and I discuss “The League” every now and then and I have come to the conclusion that this year I need to be more of a bastard… :astonished:


Does anyone else have a goal for the year?

Not yet, although I have a few ideas on the back burner that I may invoke if I do decide on a change of direction.

Being ‘more naga’, is high up on my list, although I haven’t decided on which element of being more naga is going to come to the fore yet.

You aren’t the only one mate.

I need to up my Bravo-ness until I finally get cursed for the first time or a Leaguer actually calls me out for a fight.

Surprised it is yet to happen.

may will be my first event, so i can’t be “more” of a bastard but i intend to be a functioning drunk, and taunt every other company into a fight, that i won’t be losing. heehee :smiley: