Recruitment thread

A thread for the various guilds, churches and companies of the League to introduce themselves, that new League characters may find a group that suits.

Carta Bellamarina [] is a diversified trade guild operating out of Sarvos. It has interests in banking, shipping, heavy industry and all sorts of trading.

I am particularly looking to recruit for:

Bellamarina Militant - the mercenary arm of the Carta. We are rebuilding after heavy losses in recent wars and I am looking to make our Anvil company an elite archery unit. The aim is to be disciplined, heavy armoured but able to move fast all battle, good shots, and shoot lots of arrows. It will require commitment in kit and in practice on and off the field.

I want us to be known as the best and charge accordingly. Which in turn means that we can be well equipped with magic items, potions, enchantments and pay well. Then we can flash the cash at the many bars, eateries and other entertainments like proper mercenaries.

Pm me or talk to Silas van Hoepenkak di Sarvos on the field.


The Compagnia De Rossi is seeking soldiers interested in mercenary contracts, come and see us at our Guild office to register your interest and availability for hire and we will see if we can broker you paid work in return for your martial skills. We are in particular seeking individuals with polearm, Zweihander, crossbow and bow experience to march to war in battles all over the Empire. If desire adventure, payment for your skills and to help our great Empire by taking the battle to the enemy come visit the Guild Office the next time you are at Anvil.

There is also the oportunity to join one of our affiliated Free Companies should you be seeking to join a mercenary group though freelancers and private contractors are most welcome also.

For more info please feel free to contact Captain Lars Krieger at via the Imperial post master or in person at events.

Church of the Enduring Flame

Sect of Ambition interested in politics and influence. We currently have a set of dedicated priests without guild associations (plus one with a guild association) with further lay members associated with merchant guilds.

What areas of the game are we interested in - Religious Politics, Religious Doctrine, Experimental Theology, Persecuting Heresy in others, Verging on Heresy ourselves, Civil Law, Religious Missionaries, Acting as Advisors to Politicians, Grand Schemes.

What characters are we looking for - Priests (obviously), Missionaries (i.e. characters with priest skills and a fleet), a Chancellor (i.e a character with priest skills and a business resource), Religious Warriors/Warrior Priests, Artisans of Religious Items, Fundraisers, Reckoners, Ambitious Laypersons.

Dr Ferrero Sanguineo Rezia di Tassato

Encourages new players to also consider the option of starting without a group, and enjoying the game arriving and finding your place!

It is just as valid an option as joining anyone who might post here; you trade starting in a group with pre-known peoples for entering play with a strong excuse to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. You are not associated with anyone else’s actions or good/bad impressions they have given others, and you will be able to find out in play what the groups are really like in person. It is always very hard to judge in these sorts of threads as you get no real feel for the reality of the groups, or the reasons they are recruiting openly.

I promise you that you will find a group easily, as there are lots of styles of play, and no one will turn down someone who shares their views (likely as you are in the same nation!) and especially who are bringing extra game and resources to the team! More importantly, you might find that you really gel with a group, or even just a person, who didn’t advertise@


I’m a new player looking for a troupe to join. I played one event before as a trial (and have switched nations since) but would really like a few ties before jumping in so I’m not completely alone. Any suggestions (I’ve hunted around and couldn’t see any, but could easily have missed it)?