"Reforging" Artisan Items

There is a discussion on the Imperial Orc Facebook group about “reforging” artisan items,

I am entirely sure that you can refluff making a new artisan item as remaking an existing item.

Mechanically it is identical to making a brand new item. Its costs exactly the same in artisan materials and downtime time.
But you get to stick it on the same item.
(Perhaps with some roleplay that it saves a few days, enough time for a brief holiday but not to effect the DT system)

Then, someone points out a mention to it, but in somewhat specific circumstances, namely the ritual “Timeless Hammer Rhythm”

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … C_Elements

Timeless Hammer Rhythm
Using this ritual it is possible to restore the magic to an existing magic item whose powers have expired - a practice often referred to in-character as “reforging” even for items such as robes or wands. You must meet all other criteria, and give the depleted ribbon to the referee along with the other materials. You can only restore the magical property that the item already possessed - you cannot use Timeless Hammer Rhythm to make a Biting Blade into a Bravo’s Blade for example. Restoring the magic of a depleted item does not provide any sort of reduction in the cost of the ritual, or reduce the materials needed, and the target must be able to make the item as normal. You cannot use this option with an item that has not expired.

This option exists to allow characters to maintain the continuity of a special item such as an heirloom or an item of worth. Another advantage is that the history of the item will be continuous for the purposes of effects such as Skein of Years. Performing a reforging “rests” the information gained through Hand of the Maker. [/quote]

(I presume “rests” is a typo for “resets”)

So is “reforging” something any Artisan can do with just roleplaying that a new item is a remade item… or is it purely Timeless Hammer Rhythm so a ref in the field can link it to the old ribbon ID for Skein of Years?

It would be nice to be able to do that in general. I think it would be a little intensive.

Not a ref

Yes you can do both.

Reforging where you OC just make a new item involves taking that item and all the raw materials and working them back into it over a forge or loom or whatever.

The ritual involves casting some magic and forcing that into the weapon.

Seems to be like both work, and IC fluffing making a new weapon as re-forgin the existing one is absolutely fine.

― Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

Thing is you use magic on a newly created weapon and say it’s an old one, it won’t show that way, particularly on has been bonded to it. It’s a shame reforging isn’t slightly cheaper than forging anew, however I can understand the mechanics of why that is not the case.

What I was getting at is there isn’t really the function to hand a ribbon into god and “reforge” AFAIK. I think it would be a pain in the backside for PD to implement as well.

I imagine that if you email plot, and say that item with the ribbon number XXXX now has a ribbon number of YYYY, they would acknowledge that?

Would depend on whether they have a system for recording that relationship though.

also they dont OC have any info to give you from SoY, so not sure of the practical application.

You can roleplay re-enchanting an item just fine, that’s absolutely supported.

We currently only support it mechanically when using THR, but that’s something that will probably be reviewed in future. The problem is how to feasibly do it.

I see it sort of like repairing a latex weapon. You can’t just mend the foam, you have to rip out the damaged bits and replace them wholesale. Sure, the resulting weapon looks the same and handles the same (sort of - repairs tend to be noticeable), but it’s not made of the same material.

True continuity is achieved with artifact items, where this sort of thing is supported wholesale by the system. Otherwise the history of a magic item is basically below the abstraction layer, as far as I’m aware, even if it’s the “same” item re-enchanted over years and years.

There’s also Reading the Weave which can give you the bond history of an item, which is another bit of information you might want to preserve by using THR to reforge rather than reforging as an artisan (which is totally legit IC but gives you a different ribbon + different ribbon number with no connection to the last one).

Interestingly, Ties That Bind explicitly states that re-enchanting an item destroys the bonding history for the purposes of that ritual. Though that was written before the changes to THR to allow it to preserve item metadata.