Refreshing our memories Pt 2: 5 Things

Refreshing our memories (part 2) Five Things about Wintermark (and what they are not)
I’d recommend reading the first page on Wintermark again, it gives a brief overview of what Wintermark is about, I’ve put the link below

Five things about Wintermark

  • Scions sired by a storm. Wintermark is a harsh land. Mastering it has made us strong.
  • A hero’s tale ends with a good death. We glory in battle; we stand tall and do not skulk from danger.
  • Cold cannot compromise. We do not compromise even with ourselves. Not even age or injury turn us from our undertaking.
  • A hero has a name. We prize individuality; your name is the beginning of your story.
  • Three tears entwined. The three peoples of the Wintermark are indivisible; they live together and fight as one.

What the Winterfolk are not
Vikings. The Steinr are inspired by the Saxons and the Rohirrim from Lord of the Rings and they follow the Imperial Religion. There are no longships, raiders or horned helmets, and Thor and the Norse pantheon are actively excluded from the brief.