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I’m attending my first ever Larp event at E1 and will be joining the Navarr. I know I want to be a Physick but I have left everything else open so I can figure out what I like the sound of at the event, which has been recommended by a few people. I’ve seen people advise to have a few things that could be used as plot tie ins, such as names and locations so I have come up with a bit of a backstory with a few.
I also want to have a reason as to why I likely am going to have no idea what I’m doing first few times I patch people up, namely that my character has no training or personal experience and learned from watching, which I’m hoping I can use as an excuse!
Besides that, I don’t really know what the deal with making backstories is in regards to tying into the world, I don’t want to just make things up that wouldn’t actually happen so I’ve tired to go strictly by what I’ve read on the wiki. Ive based most of it around his father showing up dead and the death being attributed to the Valewomen in the Heartwood of the great vale, leading to my character having a brief sighting of her while trying to find his uncle, who was traveling with his father before he was found dead, is that a reasonable tie-in to the world?

Any feedback much appreciated!

Sounds about perfect to me! A couple of lines like that is great, as you can flesh it out as much or as little as you like once you’re a bit more confident. You’ve got links to stuff in the world (the Valewoman, the Heartwood), a bit of personal backstory (your father’s death) and nothing that contradicts the existing ‘canon’ or requires other players to buy in to your backstory.

A metaphor I’ve seen a wise player use about characters coming to Anvil is: imagine you’ve lived in a small town all your life. You’ve just arrived in the EU Parliament at Brussels, you were wandering around having a gawp at things and minding your own business, mentioned you do a bit of fishing and now you’ve been grabbed to help negotiate a international fishing treaty with Norway. There’s lots of opportunities to dive in and really effect the world, but it’s also totally fine to be confused and bewildered at suddenly being one of the movers and shakers of the Empire!


Oh wow that’s a brilliant analogy, thank you for sharing that!

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Make sure you understand the bits you have described. My character, for instance, will be asking “what’s a Valewoman?”

For an extra tweak to backstory, work our what province your character calls home, and then see if it turn up in the Winds of War (or Winds of Fortune) before the event. Or have a look back through previous Winds, and see if it’s been mentioned. Because that would be Big news in your home town, is something that the rest of the Empire will have heard off, and it’s something that you can have an Opinion about. And therefore, it’s a good way to start conversations, tie in your backstory to the setting, and to the stories of other people.

For instance: From Therunin? It’s hosting a tribe of orcs as guests until their homeland is reconquered. They’re not too friendly, but not hostile either. How does this affect you?