Reikos Timeline

So, Reikos was first attacked in 367YE. We’re now ten years on from that. Is there any kind of rough timeline on how the fall of Reikos came to be? Also, when did the first chapters start falling to the Druj? Was it immediately or due to Druj tactics, did it take a few months/years?

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My interpretation of: … nt_History

In 367 Unexpected Druj surge from the Barrens (or further) through Great Forest of Peytaht takes Reikos by surprise, the forest had formally been considered too inhospitable for a Barbarian army to cross, but the Druj did it. Murdering raiders slaughter their way through villages and farms and makes life extremely dangerous outside the Chapters.

The Druj deliberately allowed refugees to escape to sow fear and so they consume valuable food and herbs.
Some chapters might have fallen relatively quickly due to being unprepeared but I imagine it’s been a slow process over the decade more and more chapter houses fall to attrition siege tactics of the Druj.

My interpretation is that PD is fairly free for a few “points of light within the darkness” to remain even in a “completely lost” territory. There is a mechanical penalty of some resources are only half effective but leave it upto the player’s imaginations how they pull off getting access to stuff.

I believe the wiki specifies the Suns of Couros are still holding out. I imagine trying to starve a chapter of draguir to be… difficult. I’m sure those rumour that their cataphracts carry cutlery when defend their walls is a baseless rumour.

Some specific details

The first chapters had fallen within a few months so 367

Exile, a chapter of unconquered fell in 369 (presumably towards the end of it from the 3 year remark)
Longshire had fell by 370, but no exact date (Also specifically has a group of unconquered establishing themselves there after it has fallen)
The last chapter in the region of Tabernode fell in 372

There are then no dates till the start of play, presumably the failed Druj assault on Semmerholm in 373 may have slowed down the invasion if any armies were pulled out to fight on the northern front. Then we hit play and the tragedy continues.


Sorry for a reply to a month old post but saw it and thought id add a very small section of the Shattered Tower (formaly sentinals tower before the fall) history book just to answer your question on time chapters fell.

This is now a year old from writing
“Nine years ago Sentinels Tower fell. In the wake of the fall of Reikos, the survivors of the Sentinels Towers came together in Bastion, at the Chapter’s hostel. Primarily non-combatants, the escapees were mostly merchants, home-makers, the very young and very old”

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