Religious Roleplay

I’m thinking about dabbling in priestly game at some point with a future character and I was wondering: how do people roleplay religious ceremonies?
There’s a lot on the wiki regarding roleplay of spells and rituals, and it’s been immensely helpful with roleplaying a magician (which is my current character). Often, spells and rituals have suggested incantations, associated runes, dramaturgy characters, constellations, props, what have you. By comparison, there’s very little in terms of guidelines for the roleplay of religious skills use, beyond “requires 10 seconds of appropriate roleplaying”.

So what exactly would be appropriate for things like anointings, hallowings, consecrations and others? What wording or actions do priests use with their liao-based skills? Looking for examples and inspiration here to get a better feel for the character type that I might want to play.

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Most of the ceremonies my character has witnessed involved snorting some weird purple substance, saying some mumbo jumbo and claiming it all worked. The priests even seem to be correct about that last point too.

Which nation?

Alot of appropriate roleplay can call on your hearth magic, so for Highguard it would be a matter of putting your hood up, perhaps washing your hands, ringing a bell and then saying something virtuous while snorting your liao, but that wouldn’t work for any other nation!

Please note cultural confusion between different nations is excellent fun, and makes more game for everyone.

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Daubing of blood, and call and response works well for priest roleplay in Navarr.

With my former Highguard priest I delved a lot into fire and brimstone/ Warhammer 40k-inspired sermons. Lots of bell ringing, and expounding the virtues.

Do you need to do the powder-snorting each time you use Liao? I was thinking of having a backup character and was wondering about this question too XD.
As for filling the 10 seconds, I’d advise saying something meaningful about how Paragon [insert name here] did [something important] and how this relates to anything.

You need to take Liao to use any religious skill. How you take it is up to you. Previously my character would snort it but recently he has taken to keeping it in suspension in water and drinking it.

as for role-playing I have a few tips:
-Have a catchphrase- something you can fall back on to repeat when you run out of ideas, for my character it is ‘We are the Shield of Faith, We stand between the Empire and that which would corrupt it.’
-Talk to target: ask about their approach to the virtues, why they want the gift that you are granting, what virtuous acts do they intend to do with it.
-Repeat yourself- Repetition, especially in three’s, serves to drive in what you are saying and fills time


I’ve seen people mime snorting it, eating it and drinking it (those are the options if you have a True Liao Vision) but I also hear that the epic Excommunication by the Sumaah priests saw a lot of liquid splashed about in general :smiley:.

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