Reminder: Battle Safety

There are a lot of new prospective LARPers turning up here of late and I thought it might be worth reminding/ pointing people in the direction of the battle safety rules. As someone who loves to monster, I’m keen not to get injured next event by someone still learning to pull their blows!

Empire has a (reasonably) good history of battle safety, and it’d be great if we can continue that with all the new players (and some of the regulars as well).

Fighting in LARP takes a little skill but, once taught, is relatively easy to master.

I’m not trying to preach; I just thought it was worth highlighting.


There is also absolutely nothing wrong in asking some of your nation for a few pointers, or a quick bit of practice, in fact most will be overjoyed to have a bit of a spar, whether that’s before time in or as part of your character interaction.


For reference the player support team are running a combat practice outside the Hub at 5.15pm after the new player meeting there at 4pm.