Repainting larp weapons

I’m thinking of getting some mirror paint and repainting a larp sword, so that it reflects things and flashes in the sun just like a real sword.

Is this a good idea?

Is there anything I should be mindful of when i do this?

Is it a latex paint?

it’s not. I’m thinking of painting over the existing latex paint.

You’ll probably find additional paint won’t stick.

Most larp weapons are finished with something called Isoflex, which is otherwise used as flat roof sealant, which is basically designed to stop anything else sticking to it.

In most cases if you want to change the colour of a weapon it requires pealing off all the latex and isoflex and starting again entirely, which is not a small job.

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thats a shame - this project might be unfeasable then

Worth talking to one of the makers and seeing if they can quote you for a commission slot for your own design. Then you can get exactly what you want (within the capabilities of the materials). Most of them love getting to make something interesting.

One check though there is something in some copper coloured paint which damages latex, so your cool stuff will have to be checked for that, I don’t know if it turns up in other metallics.


This wouldn’t work. The first thing the guy says in the video is that the paint is solvent based which is bad news for soft porous materials like foam and latex.

Even if you could find a coating that would act as a protective barrier between the paint and the foam the paint is likely to set hard and brittle rather than flexible like acrylic paint.

Larp weapons rely on the coating being flexible to shrink, expand and bend with the foam.

So sadly, while it’s a nice idea there’s no mileage in using this particular paint.

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I used acrylic paint to paint a shield after washing it with warm soapy water but it’s just for decoration than actual use so I haven’t coated it in sealant, dark colours stay but light colours like sky blue, white or cream have to have multiple coats to get right colour and no streaks.