Repel and the law

Does repel count as assault if you do not strike the person but simply touch them?

Asking for a friend.

(Also with rechargable mana this may be a possibility more often)

Rules state: “You should always assume that your opponent has wounded you in this way unless their roleplaying clearly indicates otherwise.” in regards to offensive magic.

Bearing in mind that misinterpretation of how the spell was case might still cause legal issues. So if someone thought you had hit them. I will point out the following section.

“Use of magic: Using magic on another person is never in and of itself a crime. However if the effect of the magic meets the definition of a crime then the fact that this effect was achieved by magic is no defence. For example, a curse of poverty doesn’t meet the definition of any criminal offence but a death curse most certainly does. The Conclave are responsible for overseeing the proper operation of magic and have powers which allow them to take action against those who use it inappropriately.”

It is possible to deliver offensive spells without causing a hit of damage if your roleplaying clearly indicates that you are not striking them. It is possible for your target to not realise this though and take the hit anyway.

Repel doesn’t actually do any damage (unless you are (for instance) Repelling them into enemy lines, which does cause damage indirectly). I’m no magistrate though.

Repel can be delivered big-style or with a light touch, the manner of delivery doesn’t change the outcome.

Offensive Spells

Require a few words of appropriate roleplaying
Require you to hit the target with an implement, a wand, rod or staff

To cast an offensive spell you must utter a few words of appropriate roleplaying including spell vocals while you strike or touch your target with a wand, rod or staff. You cannot cast an offensive spell without using a suitable implement.

If you deliver an offensive melee strike to touch the target with your implement then the target also loses one global hit. You should always assume that your opponent has wounded you in this way unless their roleplaying clearly indicates otherwise.

  1. Hitting someone does damage, including with an implement. If someone thwacks you with a rod and yells repel, you should take 1pt of damage and a repel call.

  2. However, you can clearly role-play to indicate that it’s not damaging. I personally favour calling Zero Repel in such circumstances, but it’s not actually in the rules.

  3. Whether an undamaging repel is an assault is highly unclear in Imperial law. I suspect it wouldn’t be, but it could genuinely go either way. You’d be best off consulting a magistrate IC.

Ah pants. I should know that. Thank you.

The one time I asked a Magistrate he said he would prosecute me if I repelled him without causing a wound…

So tell your friend to try it and find out :slight_smile:

But make sure they have a priest handy who’s studied the clemency page

My character is not a fighter, and I’d been thinking of taking something like repel so that if something happened in Anvil I could “defend” myself in a manner of speaking - I’d been wondering the same thing. Admittedly I’d only be using it in defense and with the intent purpose of not doing any damage as such, but it would be good to know if I could still get called up for it!

More seriously, like most Empire Law it’s Magistrates discretion.
Most likely…
If you can demonstrate that you were trying to stop a crime [such as assault on yourself] with minimum force then you would get off.
If you can’t you would get a fine appropriate to poking someone with a stick [ie no combat level damage]. A small fine.
If you repelled the new Throne across the senate floor then you would be executed… it all depends.


You don’t need to hurt someone to assault them, just strike them. This can be interpreted fairly widely.

As far as I know (notaref) you need to strike someone with an implement to repel them.

As Arkat has said, context is everything and remember you can claim self-defence to help yourself or others who are being attacked. Using repel in this way is much more likely to be considered to be reasonable force than an axe to the face.

You need to ‘strike or touch’ someone with an implement to deliver repel.

You can do that with or without doing damage, depending on your role-play.