Resource phys reps

Hi all,

I noticed the phys reps for resources (e.g. Dragonbone) in the game and I love the pics. When we get our resources at the beginning of the event are we given phys reps or tickets with the values?

If it’s only tickets I’ll get cracking with the air clay and make my own resource Phys reps :slight_smile:

Materials come with physreps! They are really pretty.

Mana, herbs, and liao do not, and you need to bring physreps for those to use/trade along with the OC cards (you will usually keep your physrep if you trade the items away, but try to use the physreps for the role play and discreetly hand over the cards after the deal is made).


People are often using little crystal nuggets and similar for mana crystals.
Interesting small bottles/pouches/creams for herbs… (suggestions and examples available on request)

…I have no idea what liao phys-reps look like :stuck_out_tongue:

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Liao wise, I have seen someone use a very nice looking small crystal decanter with what looked to be some sort of body safe oil/liquid in it.

Very pretty

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My liao is parma violets, and parma violet gin. I never trade the stuff though, that’s what I use when I am consuming it. The purple gin looks amazing in a cut glass decanter.

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Herbal and fruit teas are great physreps for the herbs, as they’re cheap, food safe, and come in a variety of colours. Purple fruit teas are good for liao.


There’s some people using Ribena for liao too!

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Perfect I dont need to put that on the crafting list then :grin: