Resources for a Knight

What do you think would be the best (more appropriate) personal resource for a Knight Errant from Astolat? I’ve though about a Farm, for fluff a vineyard that my patron gifted me for economic support. Also an excuse to bring wine and brag about it coming from my own vineyard!

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If it’s a glorious vintage then awesome! Also a military unit is probably good on the glory acquisition front…

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That would be awesome, but I fear a simple Knight Errant doesn’t have the power or autority to guide a military unit…

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You could be a noble-born knight errant with a bunch of yeofolk soldiers following you-also Empire pcs are meant to be the influential and important heroes of the Empire.

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A resource should be something that you can have fun with. Generally because the resources it provides lets you do fun things in uptime such as mana for rituals or a congregation for voting in the synod ext. But a vineyard you can tell cool stories about and bring into your game via wine and bragging is definitely a thing that could be awesome and fun.

Lots of Dawnish have military units but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd. The fun potential of a military unit is in being able to choose which armies to support and becoming more involved in the empire wide military game.

You can also change your resource by paying 2 crowns to the civil service at any point if you end up in a situation where you feel a different resource than your original choice would be more appropriate.


I love the idea of the vineyard, although I think a military unit could work and is also suitably thematic. The way round it if you want a military unit is that they are his questing/training buddies, or the military unit is the group you travel/work with in the down time, it just so happens they’re not an anvil, for one reason or another.

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Depends how you flavour it:
The errantry company, a group of knights that have banded together to support each other as they fight alongside the empires armies would make perfect sense to be led by a knight errant

Alternatively instead of a vineyard as a gift why not an MU, I know a few of House Carsenere’s military units are flavoured as groups of yeomen that were raised for the point of letting a promising knight errant prove themselves. Actually playing up the not quite ready for command, this is really difficult might actually get you some game at events.

Hell nothing stops you flavoring an MU as actually belonging to an NPC, that you serve in and represent at Anvil. (Or effectively double up with another Player character, play a second in command to there super large MU.)

If you search the Dawnish FB page you should be able to find some examples of IC wine labels someone created, obviously you might want to modify these if going for your own vineyard, but it’s a really neat little step.

On an OOC note there is nothing wrong with going for a farm, but I would not be surprised if at some point you encounter IC social pressure to change it.


Does a military unit provide money?

It can do if you use it to support an Army or Fortification that is included in the Imperial Guerdon. Otherwise you get “an equal chance of gaining herbs, ingots or measures, money, or mana crystals as a result of this action - as if it were an appropriate resource of equivalent level” by doing Paid Work.

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As i unterstand from the lore, this is exactly the way with which the nobility in Dawn earns money? Or am I mistaken?

It’s one method, having a farm, business or other resource is also fine as long as they have a yeofolk doing the actual managing the money for them I believe.

It’s an interesting question. In theory, the Nobles of Dawn don’t ‘make money’, that’s a job for yeofolk. If they happen to come back with some nice loot from their glorious adventures, they keep any bits that catch their interest and pass the rest to their Seneschal with a wave of the hand and a ‘dispose of that, would you?’

At least, that’s the socially promoted view. In practice, Nobles aren’t stupid, and they were all yeofolk once. They know money is necessary to keep the house running. And from an Out-Of-Character perspective, all resources are fluff. You can define how you obtain your income in whatever way you like that fits the mechanic and the form it arrives in.

OOC, my Noble has a business because I wanted to have plenty of disposable income and I wanted it in coin so I didn’t have to faff about trading resources. IC, she is being supported by her House, so her Seneschal has assigned to her the income from this particular one of the House’s business holdings as a stipend.


It’s a common way of doing it, it’s far from the only way. Dawnish nobles are culturally expected not to think about money too much. Making money is not glorious. However, you could easily carry out a craft, trade or profession which was glorious and brought in some money. But you wouldn’t be doing it for the money, not really. You’re making magic swords, not haggling over coins. Of course you want to be paid for your work, prosperity is an important virtue, but I lose patience for negotating prices really quickly. This is why seneschals are often employed to act as go-betweens to avoid you letting your expertly crafted magic sword go for a song. Having said that, if anyone in the Empire will see a magic sword as a fair trade for a beautiful song, they will probably be a Dawnish noble.

My character is a Dawnish noble who has a fleet, enchanted with the Lure of Distant Shores. “This enchantment often ensures that the target fleet will encounter luck or fortune that results in some sort of adventure” because the seafaring adventures are glorious in themselves, and that his choice of foreign port has the political influence he desires. Never because he would make an extra four crowns of profit. (I have absolutely no idea if four crowns is the right number and I don’t want to know)


I picked a business first event didn’t even dent the coins while I bought food and drink (4 crowns I think I used), unless your buying magic weapons and armour or getting robbed by a gang of children (lost a crown but better than getting stabbed in an alleyway…) I changed to a mine, I’ve planned to test of mettle next event but I’ll be one of the few nobles who cares about coins as I’m an artisan, although yeofolk could carry the heavy stuff, only while buying materials though, this way i can promise "Glorious weapons at glorious prices! “Insert Trademark symbol here” "

Yes i suppose since my character wouldn’t even bother about haggling and trade it would be a bad idea to go for a mine or a forest, or even a garden.

Getting money from the Guerdon is definitely a very common method on the field,

Typically I’d generally say a farm works better than a business from the PoV of a Dawnish noble character. It’s easier to talk about IC without crossing the line into economic things Nobles shouldn’t talk about. My lands produce great wine/venison etc (A farm to represent hunting is actually a venture a noble could be actively involved in while still sticking heavily to the nobilty side, or talking about cookery.

Aside from the flavour of business, or possibly fleet I feel all other resources can fit (although as pointed out there is a clear Dawnish way to have a fleet as long as you avoid using the trade word.) I once had a noble in my house who any time we needed something from a trade destination, I would dig up details of some interesting thing of that nation and send him to find one. At least once I sent him on an elephant hunt for instances.

That being said the trick is taking something which either you can use, or can be used in house. If you are a physik or an artisan having the right resource as opposed to money reduces the amount you will be tempted to do anything with it. It’s easier to convey a disinterest in bartering if you have little reason to barter.

That statements one of my pet hates, because it generally feels like an excuse to water down the Dawnish brief, and suggesting nobles who aren’t are doing it wrong. Yes all Dawnish start as yeofolk, however:

Firstly Dawn has numerous references to the benefits of being adopted by the nobility or patronage, particularly for those who became nobles young they might not actually have any experience supporting themselves financially. Alternatively they might have a really good idea about how best to ration a dwindling purse of coins as you seek out the Hydra of Elvette, or try to find a legendary reclusive Urizen scholar to complete the test.

Even if you weren’t in some manner supported by the nobility, the Anvil economy is drastically different from that of being a farm hand or a man at arms. Think about how much new players actually understand of what things are worth. Going by the “Yes, I was once a yeofolk I understand money” and just firmly sticking to the belief that basically everything sold at Anvil is an absurd rip off, because you never adapted to the luxury economy.

Now there will be nobles who spent a lot of time at Anvil as yeofolk, or even more extreame acted as Seneschals or Merchants, but these are probably the exception rather than the rule.

I fully understand this makes the game more difficult, but there is potentially a lot of game that can be created through playing up the Dawnish economic brief, from Senators who gird as Seneschals to understand the economic discussions of senate, or the Dawnish Cardinal who turned down an offer of 30 thrones, because he though thrones were probably the small ones. As

Also for socially prompted view, it’s 'view of society enforced by magical mind control." Look on the details about playing someone who changes nation, if it can do that it’s probably more extreme if the change is within a society you have been surrounded by from birth.


The farm is good as if you needed more coins for any reason you could always sell alcohol IC i know alot of marchers were going around with vodka and mead, it’s a shame they didn’t sell by the bottle to be honest, i would of bought two of their toffee vodka…

Problem is, a knight errant would not even know how much to charge! The yeomen care about it!

Tester is free (one only, flavour of their choice) because it spreads prosperity and after that maybe 4/5 rings?

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I think that a good IC justification should be sufficient explanation for going off brief a bit, in Empire or any other game, as long as everyone’s (OOC) okay with it. With a bit of effort, some imagination, and perchance a glorious story as to how it came about, you probably justify any resource!

An interesting thought on the Egregore magic and national mind-set… what’s the range on that? If a character spends months (maybe most of the year) outside of their nation/Empire/continent… how much are they influenced thereby?

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