Retiring/Killing off your character

Is anyone thinking of killing off/retiring their character in E3? How are you thinking of doing it?

Mechanically all you have to do is log onto a player PC and click the button marked ‘kill character’, hand in any resources you are carrying and you are then free to make a new character.

Short of committing blatant and obvious murder (which will probably ruin someone else’s game) there is no quick way to get executed legally, as investigation ad trial for most crimes takes a while. Even longer for religious crimes.

You can publicly kill yourself, although unless you already have a character story that is well known and leading up to the only solution to your problems being returning to the labyrinth and trying again, most people will just shrug and carry on.

You can go and do something stupid on the battlefield, but don’t be surprised if someone else decides to be a big damned hero and rescue you from certain death, although that will make more game for them and any healers in your vicinity.

You can get yourself ‘lost’ on the battlefield, and miss the closing of the gate, effectively trapping you behind enemy lines, which is generally considered a death sentence, although I wouldn’t expect much fun roleplay for the skirmish team just for being a bit of an idiot about time keeping.

That’s pretty much it really. It takes time to get your character done in by someone else, I mean look at Medea Ruth, despite all she’s done, she is still protected by imperial law, and possibly those who can’t wait to see what she does next.

It is possible to create a character so controversial that they only last one event, but you have to be really trying and really proactive to do it. Ask Highguard about Vashti’s Penitents - who made 1 event and are still tutted about 4 years later.

Why do you ask?

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Carrying on from @CharlieP above: please don’t retire a character by having them ‘murdered’ at an event. These kinds of murders are unsolvable as there is no actual murderer, and can lead to other players thinking they have discovered plot and wasting hours of their time investigating them.

If you’re bored of a character, just retire them.


To quote myself from another thread, here are some options for killing off (rather than retiring) your character:

I have no plans to kill nor retire my character - but he’s a busy Civil Servant!


I reccomend you did what one of my friends did:

Write up a piece of fluff in which they die in downtime, heroically, tragically, quietly, whatever you like. Get another character to be a witness to this.

Hand that player the fluff and let them take it into play.


My placeholder character (went though my main and my back up at E3 ) is just going to stay home and retire. Apparently anvils an overly expensive s******e.

This section of the wiki might be of interest.

It doesn’t have to be particularly grand or spectacular. Especially if you’re retiring the character because your events aren’t as interesting or enjoyable as you thought they’d be.

Just say goodbye to your friends and walk off the field. (Retire the character on the system and start a new one) I imagine the last character I retired, Francis the artisan, has gone home to tend to his dragonbone forest and workshop.