Ring ceremonies

So, rings. Specifically, new ones. Do you just turn up with one and hope someone notices (or that no one does)? Or do you do some kind of ringing ceremony (but not the Highguard kind)? I’ve seen someone given a ring on joining a group, but that was quite subtle and I wondered if anyone did it with a bit more drama, or if that’s worth doing.

TLDR: secret gossip squirrels or flashypants? Our dual nature…

I paid out my claw rings when representing favours owed~

But largely I just adjust those I wear, as and when, between specific people, as they’re private affairs anyway. With groups it’s often with the leader/guildmaster/whatever

I’ve treated ring giving as a somewhat private affair. I’ve taken one ring and given a few and it was only really done with those directly involved present.
I can imagine very public ring ceremonies where someone wants to openly declare their alliances and really make a show of it. Reminds me, must order more rings…

I will have some rings to hand out when people join my banner so there will be a bit of ceremony there.

Just to throw in my two cents. I read the brief again over the weekend. The section on rings suggests that sharing the story of a ring and what it represents is a big indication of trust.

I suppose my view is that a ring ceremony can be as big or small as appropriate to the allegiance. Two lovers exchange rings between themselves, joining a group an individual might put on a ring in front of the group leader or whole group. They are the ones involved and trusted with what the ring means giving the symbol meaning. No-one else ‘needs’ to know the significance, wearing the ring is the public declaration of a loyalty.

One instance you might do something very public is someone joining The League and declaring (if they felt they needed to) loyalty to the nation. Equally they could also just involve the Egregore as the embodiment of the nation.