Rings! Keys! Key-rings! (Ring-keys?)

I’ve just read that the Romans had finger-rings that were also keys (or keys that were also finger-rings).

It seems wonderfully appropriate for the League, and more relevant now given the rules update about locks and keys and strongboxes.

See slide 4 of the section “The History of the Key” on slate.com/articles/arts/desi … more_.html

A photograph:
slate.com/content/dam/slides … key_04.jpg

Might not be too hard to make, for someone with suitable tools.

Ooooh, I like that. If they are possible and practical, obviously, but I like the idea.

Could be made, But I doubt for less than £80, if you don’t want it to be functional.
(£20 casting fee and three hours labour, and even that is optimistic)

If you actually want it to work in a lock, then All bets are off regarding price, and I’ve no idea who could make one for you.

Looking at that sample ring, a commercial appropriate looking key sawn off and joined to the ring body, or even bent to form the ring, would get you 90% of the look and all the functionality for a fraction of the price.

Right, that’s what I had in mind: start with an existing working key.