Ritual Contributors and Hearthfire Circle

Can I confirm I am reading this right:

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[quote]Some rituals refer to contributors. A contributor is a character who is a member of the coven performing the ritual and has at least one rank of the realm lore used by that ritual.

A character can never contribute to a ritual if they have not spent experience points on the appropriate ritual lore skill.[/quote]

This doesn’t seem to require a contributor to actually spend any mana to contribute to the magnitude, merely to be present, a member of the coven and having at least one rank of the appropriate realm lore for the ritual… so they could contribute.

In reference to Hearthfire Circle.
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Spring Magnitude 6
At the completion of the ritual, all contributors recover all lost hits. Each limb crippled by impale or cleave is restored, and the effect of venom is removed from each contributor.

When cast with more than one contributor, this ritual always counts as a use of the coven bond and counts towards the number of rituals the coven can perform that day.[/quote]

Given it’s low magnitude, this is easy enough to be solocast but
Am I right in assuming that this applies to all members of the coven present with Spring lore, regardless of whether they actually burn mana.

You may choose to use the coven bond when casting this ritual. If you do so, then all contributors get the effect. Note that as a use of the coven bond, this is only doable twice per day.

There is no requirement to burn mana to count as a contributor - although you do have to have at least one hit.

See also Signs and Portents.