Ritual level

so first a question: is there a limit to the skill level for ritual.

and is there is not what the highest people have at the moment.

There is no limit on how many points you sink into a ritual. I couldn’t say who has the highest at the moment as people don’t usually share that kind of thing.

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thank you :slight_smile:

Wait do you mean the actual ritual or skill points? There is a limit to how much mana you can put in but not the number of points in realm lore.

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If you mean individual ritual lore, I don’t think there’s a limit, but it gets fearfully expensive. A starting character with lore 3 in something is specialised, and I doubt there’s anyone on the filed with lore 6…

In terms of the level of the ritual… well there’s only so many rituals in Imperial lore… The biggest ones are magnitude 160…

The biggest Summer one, Knights of Glory (magnitude 120) has been cast 5+ times at some events over the last year. Because summoning 15,000 Faerie Knights is big and clever :slight_smile:

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someones having a bad day with them on there doorstep.

Technically there are bigger rituals out there but they are arcane projections. I was talking to someone who had one that was technically uncastable.

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how so was it uncastable

Well, in the latest Winds of War… it was the Druj. Who deserve many many bad days…

Interestingly, a side effect of the KoG was a morale boost to the armies attached. A definate bonus in the Druj Miasma…

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The mana cost was too high

There have so far been 6 years of events, which means the most earned experience someone could have is 12, plus 8 starting points. That’s 20 points in total.

Magician costs 2, leaving 18 to spend on Lore.

Ritual Lore 1 costs 1, Lore 2 costs another 2, and so on. It follows that Lore 5 costs a total of 15 points.

Therefore the current maximum from normal XP spend is Lore 5, with 3XP left over. The earliest anyone could get Lore 6 is after E1 next year (only if they had been playing since the start of the game and attended at least 3 events every year).

I feel confident in saying there are people with Lore 5 out there in the game, or at least were last time I checked.

Interestingly, though, two brand new players could generate characters with Lore 3, and between them have more ranks in ritual lore than a 6-year character with all their points in Lore. I think that makes a powerful point - a Lore 5 character is quite the ritual expert, but no citizen is an island.


There also potions and items that can increase this more, but the highest you can contribute is 3x your level (FYI not a mage, can someone confirm this?)

As with most things in the Empire game, your biggest power improver is managing to persuade a bunch of mates that they should do the things with you.

Any individual can only have so much power, where a group is in theory unlimited (assuming they are part of your nation), as long as you can all decide on the same plan of action.

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Lore 3 in 1 Realm is good if you want to solo cast Mag 6 rituals anywhere, or build towards solo casting the Mag 10 information gathering things. There are obvious break-points where you can get a lot of fun by being an expert. These are typically at Lore 6, 8 and 10, and are rituals that when you want them, you want them right now.


  • Clear Lens of the Eternal River (Day area-scan ritual, Mag 8)
  • Unfettered Anarchy (Cheap and nasty curse that screws upyour emotions, Mag 8)
  • Wisdom of the Balanced Blade (Hey, what’s that Curse? Mag 6)

I built my PC with Lore 3 Winter for poking curses. I could have waited a year or so and pushed to Lore 4. I didn’t, because I dropped that 4XP on more investigation-related skills instead. The diminishing returns model is great because it makes you think “what actually benefits this PC” rather than “numbers go up”, and means people often just bank XP for a future character who’ll have fun with it.