Ritual Name

What is the name of the ritual that speeds up an artisans crafting speed. Also can I enchant poth my Gorget and Chestplate?

That would be Timeless Hammer Rhythm


You’ll only be able to wear one magic item as either Armour, Robes or Vestaments.


Personal magic items fall into one of three forms: weapons, armour, and talismans. You can only ever be bonded to one weapon, one suit of armour, and one talisman at any one time.

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I read the wiki page but it didn’t say what I needed for the ritual. Could you fill me in?

You’ll need a coven of Autumn Mages to cast it on you and either 14 or 7 mana if they have the ritual mastered.



To cast a ritual you need three things:

A Coven of suitable size: In this case an Autumn coven able together to meet or exceed Magnitude 14. If this takes more than one of them, which this will, it will also require use of one of their coven slots of which a given coven normally only has two per day.

Mana: Rituals must normally be powered with Crystal Mana equal to their Magnitude. However mages who have a particular ritual MASTERED can count any Mana crystals they contribute as Double for purposes of determining this. As such for this ritual you will need between 7 and 14 mana depending on your coven

A Legitimate Target: In this case that is a character with the Artisan skill.

You may also need payment for the coven, but that is a matter for discussion on the field not rules.