Rituals for Bows

Hello all , I have been looking through the ritual list to see if their are any rituals that let the targeted person to be able to use a bow without the bow skill etc ( Basically a similar ritual to “Might of the Myrmidon” )

any help on this would be great as ive been trying to find information regarding it since last event and its driving me mad haha

Cheers all

Nope, there are no rituals that do that to my knowledge!


I should clarify “No rituals I know of in Imperial Lore”.


I think that if you wanted to do something like this then maybe look to magical items. There are various magical items that give you skills that you don’t already have so it is likely that, even if there isn’t one that does it already, that you can make one.

You could also try talking to an eternal about this or try making an arcane projection for it. It is up to you but as I am aware, there is not anything that allows you to learn the bow skill without spending xp.

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There is more information in play about this than their is on the Wiki. Try finding information on it in next event, I’d start in Urizen.


Cheers for the help all thank you will continue to look :slight_smile:

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Good luck.