Rituals - max boosts [and names for levels?!]

Apologies if this has been discussed many times before - trying to wrap my brain [and excel sheet!] around it: [and if any answer is FOIP - that’s cool too - just don’t want to waste time if not possible!]
A ritualist is allowed to have a total cap of boosts that are, inclusively, 3 x their innate lore in the ritual realm. so Lore 1=3 max to have boosts, 2-6, 3=9 and so on…
you’re only allowed a bond with one weapon, one armour/robe and one talisman. You can drink a potion that boosts as well. You can use the regio [possibly a special regio that is more thematic to that realm?]
Regio =+1, potion =+1, staff = +1, robe = +2, talisman = +1 [from those viewable on the wiki anyhow]
=+6 in total
So if someone is lore 3 in ‘x’, how can they get more boost to 9 - is it possible [fine if is and only FOIP] but is there some other aspect I’m missing please?

Am I correct in reading that the better way of saying things are:
Novice - 1 lore
Adept - 2 lore
‘true master’ - ??? [possibly 3/4 or 5]
Are there any other names I’m missing - would be good to use these terms rather than try and hint at levels without breaking immersion

Thank you to anyone in advance who can help!

Ranks of Lore is an IC term, and is used in Urizen elections. I will happily say IC “I’m good at Winter Magic, I know/can prove three ranks of ritual lore.” It’s like saying how much you can bench-press, but for wizards :P.

In terms of boosts:

  • 1 or 3 off the known potions. Look at the last one on there, there’s one set per Realm.
  • 1 off a Staff (2 if you have the Archmage one)
  • 1 off a Ring (Talisman). Some Talismans like the Cowl of Ashes (+3) give more but only for one specific ritual.
  • 1-2 off Enchantments. Sorin’s Rite of Agony, for example is +1 to Winter Rituals, or +2 to ANY Curse. most of those buffs now have a condition where you can have 2 Lore.
  • 2 off a robe.
  • 1 off a Regio.
  • 6 if you are the sort of mad arcanist or plutocrat with a Shadow Egg in your back pocket.

So by borrowing a Ring and Staff, downing a basic +1 potion, sitting in a Regio, and taking a Rite of Agony buff I could easily go from 3 Winter Lore to 9, if I’m casting a Curse.

As a baseline, it takes a starting PC 2 years to go from Lore 3 to Lore 4, and 5 years to go to lore 5. There’s PCs out there who hyper-focused from E1 onwards and have 5. Generally 2 ranks let you solo some useful stuff and get involved. 3 means that with a couple of buffs you can hit handy situational things.


MANY thanks!!!

@Jim has you covered with the numbers, I shall merely add a link to the rules for effective skill and additional ranks for anyone reading at home :slight_smile: .

As for what mages call each other depending on their skill level, that really depends on the nation and I don’t think there are any set rules, apart from possibly Urzien (I can’t find it off hand on the wiki). I doubt that the Marches are much fussed with ranks and goven themselves probably more like the Witches of Lancre, likewise Navarr has Vates and that’s it, but I’m going off the core briefs of the nations here, I don’t know if anything has sprung up between players at events.

I do know some groups have gone into great detail with titles and positions, my lot over in Highguard have such wonderful internal factions as the Golden Handed, Watchful Siblings, Sublime Recorders and titles like Manciple, Conciliator and Observator External. Our Exarch loves this shit :smiley:

So basically have fun whatever system you come up with and play it to the hilt :+1:

With a small note to say that a lot of the talisman ritual boosters are masks, such as the Straw Mask.
Also to note that specialists since E1 are coming up to Lore 6 after the next event.

Urizen doesn’t have any particular terms for levels of magical mastery, though yes Ranks of Lore and Magnitude are both used entirely IC. Most of the Urizeni terms for magicians and ritualists depend on the persons approach to magic and what they use it for rather than how much can be focused.

The most often confused and misused of these is Mage, which is often used as a catch all term for any user of magic but in Urizen specifically denotes one who focuses of Politics and the political applications of magic.