Rituals not in imperial lore

im picking rituals to master (night lore solo ritualist, maybe a coven later) and i’ve been told its a good idea to wait to assign these until i get to the field and see some rituals that arent in imperial lore (available to everyone). are they worth it? what all can they do, if i may ask?

I don’t know of many rituals that aren’t in Imperial Lore that are common knowledge that you can master, as that requires a Ritual Text.

However leaving a slot or two open is useful because it means you can match a coven’s needs better if you’re coming in as a solo ritualist as you can fill them with masteries that the coven is actually using.


There are only a handful or rituals not in Imperial lore that are available on the field and generally they are very specific in their function.


Yup also you will need to work to be trusted by the people who have the rituals but who have for whatever their reasons chosen not to share them with the rest of the Empire.

Leaving a few slots open so you can pop to god and master some rituals you’re going to be using though is a power move :slight_smile:.

can you be more specific as to what they do? how specific are we talking?

That is a case of find out in play I’m afraid!

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As to what they could do - pretty much anything, within the bounds of Ritual Theory - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Ritual_theory.

They’ll probably be specific in their function the way other rituals are. One could surmise that they’re more niche, which is why no-one’s bothered to put them into Imperial Lore (at a cost of 5 thrones and a vote in Conclave), but even I’m not sure, and I know a couple that are out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

oops, sorry for asking then, but as i said at the top

It’s a funny one when it comes to mastering rituals not in imperial lore. There is a misconception that because they’re not standard it means they’re game breaking but this isn’t the case. They still follow the same game balancing guides as all standard rituals and normally will do similar things. They tend to be very rare so it’s unlikely for you to come into contact with them unless you spend an entire event searching for them. The whole nature of hidden rituals does suffer a bit of snowflake syndrome where you have something no one else has but if it ever did come up you could always transfer one of your rituals over. I wouldn’t concern yourself with them starting play as they’re that rare if I’m being honest.

All that being said, having a spare slot to pick up rituals that are already in imperial lore gives you a lot more flexibility especially when you are finding your feet.

I hope this helps.

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