Rituals requiring Lore 100+?

In the History of Anvil whats the largest Ritual that has been performed by players?

I have been reading through some of the rituals and some require a huge amount of Lore.

A Day 180 was cast by the Urizen day coven at e4 this year.


Quite a few of the high-magnitude rituals have been cast at least once over the last 5 years. Some are cast a lot more frequently than others, such as Quickening Cold Meat (winter 150), and Knights of Glory (summer 120?).

Wither the Seed (winter 150) has been cast very recently. You should ask about that at the next game.

My chapter has cast Wind of Mundane Silence in the past, but it was under unusual circumstances that allowed us to hit the 150 magnitude. We also cast a 90 magnitude ritual last event (E4) but using a set of stacked items that reduced the magnitude by a vast amount.


We did a special one-off mag 120 Night ritual a while back in Varushka…I believe we had the Archmage’s staff, so we literally had all the Night mages in Varushka working together to do it - yes it’s not the largest ritual, and we may not have actually needed everyone, but DAMN it was cool!

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Rituals requiring lore over 100 and magnitude over 100 are not quite the same thing. Usually when high lore things get cast most of the participants have it mastered, so the total lore in the ritual is under 100. Arcane projections cannot be mastered, although the highest magnitude one I’ve definitely heard of being cast was 90. I think there may have been a 120 or two but not 100% sure.


I’ve heard of a few that cost to much to be cast. They might be over 120 but I didn’t get any real information.

There was an Arcane Projection on the field with a magnitude in the 1000s. I believe it was set that high as a demonstration that it was possible, while remaining impossible.

I’m wracking my brains as to what it actually did now…


Waste a lot of mana while being good fun?

Something to do with a meteor, I think.


Yes, that was it! Redirect the Traveller. Well remembered.

There was another one about curing a plague, which acted over the egregore bond rather than as a territory wide AoE.

The territory wide AoE was an Imperial Lore ritual of magnitude 50.
The egregore-targeted ritual was an arcane projection of magnitude 5000.
(I managed to give the ‘I activate it thirty-five minutes ago’ line to the player who came to me with this information.)

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Auric Horizen hold the record at 210. Concordium of Pallas regularly cast at 120, and have done 150 to move a comet


Back when we were creating the rituals for the game, I remember brainstorming up that I suggested might have a Magnitude of 200.

After all, I figured, that would basically make it an end-game, pure-plot-button ritual, that presumably no-one would ever actually get close to casting :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, to be so young and foolish once more.


What did it do?

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