Rose Punchgrip Shield Tutorial

Just found this awesome tutorial for a punchgrip shield design with a 3D rose as the center boss on Tumblr … lkthrough/

And I thought “that is such a Dawnish shield” so I’m sharing :slight_smile:.

That is incredibly Dawnish.

That’s gorgeous.

And if you can do a rose you could do a sun (also SO Dawnish) for all those budding Knight-errants out there.

I’d go with a horizontal grip rather than vertical though - if it was good enough for the Romans … :smiley:

Much more of a faff to put a secure cross-grip on a thin curved shield like that.

Indeed. Personally I think its worth the faff as I much prefer a horizontal grip, but a YMMV thing.

Personally I find horizontal grips make me punch people in the throat with shields. :blush:

One for individual preference, definitely. :slight_smile: