RP mechanics for OOC made goods

So. Just made some stuff to sell in April and I was wondering if it would be an idea for the product to give an optionally RP mechanic (e.g. you feel the sudden edge to relax). Would this be a good idea, or just something that will get in the way??

You may want to check with rules@pd, but I’m fairly confident you can’t apply roleplaying effects to items without using certain skills in-game. You could have a little IC pamphlet or card that advises about likely effects, but to create a proper roleplaying effect (and get an appropriate ribbon/IC card) you’d need to use something like the Hallow skill.

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Unless you have a skill that allows you to grant such effects, I’d avoid it. You could cause confusion.

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Will do. Cheers.

Think you can put priestly auras on items, sounds like you want a false virtue of peace aura.

It’s a cool idea but from a game mechanics point of view you’d need a little something else that gives roleplaying effects.

I think it could be cool to market your stuff specifically to priests as a good item to Hallow. (or arrange for a priest to use Hallow on it before you sell it) Maybe someone wants a wine goblet hallowed with something to encourage them to celebrate?

On a similar basis, you couldn’t make magic items without the Artisan skill, but you could sell someone a circlet that looks like it would make a good Circlet of Falling Snow. They would still need to find an artisan to buy the magic item ribbon from.

So. I’ll give a bit more context. I’m selling like oils and stuff which go have genuine effects. E.g lavander and helping to sleep. The idea I had was to give something like an effect saying that they can RP feeling like they need to lay down and rest.

There’s a massage guild, I’d go seek them out.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t advertise oils and things as “can aid in relaxation” but without using something within the rules to create a mechanical roleplay effect you aren’t going to get anything more effective than the simple real world properties of the oils. AKA water post battle is always refreshing because that’s a real property of water rather than needing a game rule to say it is.

Depending on what else you’re selling you could go for advertising that links into other game mechanics such as ‘Scented candles perfect for creating an relaxing atmosphere just right for a casting of Chamber of Delights’ or 'Scented oils just right for diluting liao with when performing an anointing"


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Just for clarity’s sake - it’s not possible for a player to invent and implement their own roleplaying effects on stuff they have created. Any roleplaying effect is a game element that needs to go through Profound Decisions.

If you have a bunch of roleplaying effect items that you’ve acquired in-game, then you might attach them to appropriate phys-reps that you have brought - for example, attaching potion or drug cards to particular bottles of stuff - but you can’t come up with some new ones off your own back and implement then without PD’s approval.


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