Rules and safety question over use of REPEL

Is it safe/permissable/mechanically possible to cast repel on someone to repel them into and through a group of people?

If so, is this allowable in a combat situation?

Does the character/monster have to be alive/bleeding out/terminal to be so moved, or can they be done while executed?


I’m in a battleline as a battlemage. Opposite me is a shieldwall of orcs. At my feet is another orc, dead or dying. I take a step back so the fallen orc is between me and his friends, and cast repel on him.

In game, I want his body to fly back into his friends, breaking their formation and leaving them open for melee attacks.

In play, I want the orc monster crew to stand up and push his way safely through the other orcs, for the same effect.

Do I need him standing up first? (Held up by two hands, as standard)

Can someone being Repelled be restrained or prevented from moving by others? (In which case projectile orc slams into the shieldwall and falls over?)

Is using the bodies of your enemies as line-breaking projectiles against Imperial ethics (I doubt it) or Empire rules?

I believe that they would have to be able to move if you want to repel them. I think for OOC reasons, it would be a bit jarring to see them stand up, and then run backwards at the enemy. I think may IC the explanation is that they are being pushed into the ground. Of course now I want to know which is more powerful, repel or paralysis.

You definitely can’t push the person through a group unless they part to let them through as they would be counted as an obstacle. I would say that it is just as likely that they don’t do this than do, do this. If they don’t part, I think you would be allowed to stop in front of a group if they aren’t performing a charge. We are allowed to do mildly dangerous things during larp such as run around in a forest with a floor covered in logs and holes, I see no reason why moving backwards and stopping yourself in front of a group of people is any more dangerous than this, just as long as it is clear what is happening.

Once up against the group, they would have to wait there for a little while where they would be vulnerable but they would also provide cover for their allies. I think you would only do this if you wanted to create a distraction so you could flee.

This is all speculations but I believe it is what makes the most sense.

For your last question I would argue that it is wise as you are thinking on your feet and being resourceful. You could also say that it is prosperous as you don’t have to waste projectiles you have and you are making sure something isn’t going to waste. I would suggest it is a little ambitious as it is something unusual and could go wrong. It is also vigilant because you are fighting the enemies of the empire and the way. If it works well then throw in pride and if it is providing much needed support to your allies then add loyalty. In some ways, doing that (if it is possible) is very virtuous and so would be considered ethical.

First off: This sounds very much like a rules@pd question. I’d strongly recommend taking your query there if you haven’t already.

My gut instinct is that dying characters on the floor are not meaningfully affected by REPEL, because of the potential safety concerns and incongruity of a fallen opponent getting up to move 20’.

You cannot prevent an ally from being REPELled as per the FAQ.


I can see the safety concerns regarding repel, but I have been in situations where not using repel seemed even less safe. Once a battle needed to break through a gate and we used repel very successfully. The other option suggested was paralysis, which I was far more concerned about because that wouldn’t have been monsters squeezing past monsters, it would have been the entire battle line barging past some paralysed monsters. Just fighting them would have had them on the floor while being trampled by several hundred players in a very small area. Of those options, repel sounds by far the safest.

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I use repel. A lot. Players tend to be conscientious to their fellow, so never have I repelled someone and has then physically move someone to act out their repel. Targets repelled into a crowd tend to ‘phase through’ the crowd. I think it’d be massively unsafe to try and do elsewise.


I have received a response on this, it is likely to be covered in a FAQ.