Rules for setting up shop

Hello there

Just wondering if there any rules for setting up a IC shop in busy locations around anvil? So for example setting up a IC shop outside conclave just before its in session or setting up on a busy street that’s not nation specific location (given thats its not obstructing anything).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There’s no rules for/against setting up IC shops wherever you like - just, as you note, try not to get in the way as you might annoy people who need to move through that area in a hurry!


At E1 just passed, there was someone with a tiny stand selling alcohol inside the Conclave tent about two metres from the entrance. All that talking can be thirsty work.


Rule 0, Rule 1, and Rule 7 apply, of course*, but other than than, go for it. You may be asked to move along by the militia if you’re being loud or obstructive :slight_smile:

And if you try selling popcorn outside the Senate, I may fight you for the spot.

*Respectively, Do not be on fire, Do not be a dick, and Do not take the piss.


coffee at conclave…

can’t see and issue with that