Rules of Magic Items

Hi, I’m new to Empire and Larp in general. I’m hoping to take the Artisan skill and wasn’t entirely sure on the rules of magic items; having read through the lists and Artisan pages.

"You may spend a hero point to call CLEAVE with any melee weapon you can wield"

Would I need to have taken the Heroic skill to use the ability on a magic weapon?


"Gain two additional ranks of the Fortitude skill."

Would I have the 2nd level of Fortitude from this item despite not having a level in fortitude already? i.e. 0 + 2 = lvl 2 Fortitude OR is it as I suspect, that you would need at least level 1 purchased already: 1 + 2 = lvl 3 Fortitude.

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  1. You require hero points (and therefore the Heroic skill) but don’t need the Cleaving Blow skill.

  2. It’s 0 + 2 = 2. If you have no ranks, you get 2 ranks.

Note I’m not a ref, but this is how I understand it.


@Geoffrey_Willoughby: That’s correct.

@MrTL: If you had a rank of fortitude already, you would now have 3 in total. Any item that states “Gain X ranks in Y skill” stack.
Anything that states “You may spend a hero/mana point to call X with this one-handed weapon” Needs Hero points / mana to use.
" Once per day you may call X with this polearm" Are separate effects and just happen and can not be repeated until tomorrow.

  1. Technically you could get the hero points from another magic item, or a ritual for instance Runeplate and Banner of the Bold both give hero points which you could use to power that ability. (Although honestly a Biting blade is probably a better option in that case.)
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The only skills you need for an item are usually listed as such, so most of the priest skills state, for example “You need DEDICATION to bond to this item.”

The one exception to this is ritual lore where you do need at least 1 rank in the relevant lore to benefit from things that boost that lore.

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There are actually quite a lot of exceptions to that rule, the pre-reqs are skills needed for bonding to that item, that doesn’t nessecarily mean you can do anything useful with that item. Since many items work off another skill, that you either need to have or need to obtained from another item/spell.