Rune Stencils

I was at Macclesfield Treacle Market the other day and met an interesting person.

I noted one of the traders was offering wall hangings that were basically detailed images cut out of wooden panels. When I asked if he was able to reduce the size of such images, he said sure, no problem.

I got his card and fired off an email inquiring about maybe getting a set of rune stencils done, for painting and also for those of less steady hand (like myself) to maybe speed up decorating stuff with.

He says this is no problem. There are three sizes available - I asked if he could do 1", 2.5", and 5" and he says neither are any problem.

But he wants a £30 design fee for the runes. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in chipping in to this fee to reduce the cost for everyone - its a one time payment, as one he has the design, the stencils are cheaper to produce. To get a set of 1" runes (which I thought might be the most versatile), if we get six people on board the total cost per head comes down to £20.

If anyone is interested in this feel free to PM me.

Is he going to laser cut them out of the wood? If so its really easy to make a vector stencil in inkscape (free downloadable program) which will worknon a laser cutter.

The company I use for my lasercut pieces charge about £30 to design the cut file for you (or you can do it yourself) then they will do you a quote for how much the piece will cost and you need a minimum order of £25. They can do it in wood if you want to use it in the field or you can get it done in acrylic if you want it to last a bit longer.

Will post a link when I get home if you’re interested.

Sounds basically identical, Boz?

Except that its ridiculously easy to design your own cut lines! You dont need to pay the £30 at all.

In fact, please pay me £20 and I will do it for you.

Info is here with links to tutorials. … intro.aspx

You lied. This isn’t easy at all!

Let me know which bit you’re struggling with and I might be able to help.