Running for senate help!

this weekend i plan to run for the position of kallivesa senator, and i have no idea where to start, any advice will help me loads

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This part of the wiki tells how how Wintermark senate elections take place:
Essentially you tell the Egregore that you are standing, you set out your cup/tankard/drinking vessel of choice and hope people vote for you. It would be worth trying to drum up support before hand however.

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thanks for that, do i need a speech or anything?

Probably. If you don’t you can use it to give you ideas on your topics.

In the election for Kallavesa senator, only the Kallavesi vote. A lot of people also forget when the elections take place too. I would advise spending time before the vote speaking to the Kallavesi, see what they are worried about, and tell them why you’d do a good job, remind them when the vote is. Talking to people will give you a good idea of what to say in your speech if you choose to give one.

I would also advise speaking to the current and previous senators of Wintermark to get an idea of what being a Senator actually means, if you’re not familiar with the role.

Wintermark likes to have an opening meeting very quickly after time in on Friday. It usually starts around 6.00-6.30. This will give you a good chance to see who the current senators are, as well as other influential people in the 'Mark.

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Most politics happens outside the election vote. You will need to canvas support before then. Having a good speech is important, but so is talking to people individually.


Yes politics for all the various houses of the Empire mostly happens outside the meetings or elections. So prepare for a lot of walking around on Friday night. If you can find out which halls have a bunch of Kallivesi in them so you can talk to a bunch of them at once. See if there are any issues which they care about and that you can dedicate time to sorting out.

And if you don’t get it this time, don’t let that stop you. It just means that you have a year to prepare the ground for your next attempt. Some of the senators are quite dug in but that could also mean they’re out of touch and have had time to annoy people :slight_smile:.

In this regard going along to watch Senate on Saturday if you’re not Senator by then and getting a feel for what’s going on is helpful. Plus have a read back through the Senate Sessions pages on the Recent History page and looking for the names of territories on motions should give you an idea what they’ve been promoting. But you also need to do your research on the ground in Wintermark as local politics can be very different from Imperial politics and it’s local politics that get’s you elected.

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Is there a page which says what day/time elections happen?

The schedule says between 12:00 and 15:00 in the field, but I think you’ll need to speak to the Egregore to get the specific hour. I don’t know how it’s announced in the WM camp, any folk from the Mark know the normal hour elections are run?