Saiph's Kit Tips

I had a sudden want to be helpful/give something back to the community, so I’ve started writing up some guides. I’m happiest with my Kit Tips, so I’m going to set it free into the wilds of forum first!

Comments are enabled, so if you have anything you think should be included, do feel free to say so! I’m going to try to keep it updated as I learn things and include any extra tips that other people think might be helpful too :smile:


As this is more “preparing you and your kit for the field” and less “how to make kit”, would you mind if I shifted this across to the New players section?

EDIT: I have now done so.

This is an excellent bundle of advice for anyone planning on attending for the first time, especially at E1.

I would add, if I may:

Binbags are big and clever. You can keep damp kit contained in them, you can keep dry kit dry in them, and you can use them bundle everything up in when you need to.

Costume, especially in bad weather, tends to end at the ankle. Hiking boots etc are fine most of the time, as long as they aren’t too branded. If it gets to muddy, wear wellie boots if needed, no-one will care. It is possible to get IC looking boots which are waterproof and warm… but that’s something to work towards, not an essential to start with.

On the bin bags get white and black bags as i’ve thrown my clothes away as it was next to the rubbish bag and took it home instead…

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Thanks! I wasn’t sure which section to pop it in.

I have another guide in the works about mud (and related wet weather), and bin bags and boot types (including wellies!) are in that one. Might add a bit on this one, though, you’re right :slight_smile:


Or transparent ones.
Alternatively, some spare drybags: if you’re going to use them inside luggage (rather than as luggage) they can be the cheap thin lightweight kind rather than heavy-duty. I got a few from ebay on a whim, shortly before the Empire event that turned out to coincide with Hurrican Katie, so I was glad of them. Mostly I’ve done fine without using those or binbags though… just relying on the tent staying dry inside. Occasionally putting wet-and-muddy things in carrier-bags inside luggage.

Anyway, some ebay search terms: (drybag, “dry bag”, canoe, kayak, kayaking) (drybag, bag) will find items where the title contains at least one thing from each of the two parenthesised lists.