Scaling back the public auction

Hi everyone, we’re really looking forward to running events again and we’re pleased to say that we’ve got more winds of fortune coming soon. However, we’ve taken the decision to scale back the scope of the public auctions our civil service carry out. As these are OOC changes for game design reasons, we wanted to publish them first, before any winds of fortune turn up that relate to the Bourse.

As this is a fairly concise update, I’ve put the text below, but as ever you can also find it on our wiki on the page for the latest rules updates (

==Scaling Back the Public Auction==

We have taken the decision to stop doing the public auction of mana, herbs, ingots and measures twice an event. From this Winter Solstice, there will be only one auction conducted by the civil service, it will take place on Saturday. The auction will start with shipments of bourse materials (mithril, white granite, weirwood and ilium), proceed to the bourse seats themselves and then conclude with the auction of the Prosperity Dose of true liao. There won’t be any herbs, crystal mana or artisan materials sold - and players won’t be able to add their own lots to the auction.


One of our original reasons for running the public auction was to ensure that there was a good supply of different materials into the game, but as the game has progressed that need has reduced. Players already bring many thousands of mana crystals, ingots, herbs etc to Anvil every event. We want to emphasise the elements of the game where players trade resources with each other - rather than buying them from the game organizers.

If we stop running an auction, we hope that that will make it much easier for players to promote their own auction houses and other avenues for trader should they wish to do so. As PD we’re able to run a large well-advertised public auction where everyone can be as confident as possible that everything is above board and honest - because it’s being run by PD. We’d much rather have competing outfits with player-characters making profits from running them and having to establish their own credentials.

===IC Explanation===

The IC explanation for this decision is that the civil service has re-examined their responsibilities following recent in-character discussion of the role of the public auction. They have elected to focus on the things they are legally mandated to provide for the benefit of the Empire (the Bourse seat auction and related) and to drop the peripheral activities that they had taken on.

We have taken the decision to drop the public auction of player lots and minor resources for OOC game design reasons. We’ll provide a wind of fortune that develops the current political situation regarding the sale of Bourse materials on the public auction, and presents some IC developments for players to consider, but we wanted to cleanly separate the in-character elements from the out of character elements.

Hopefully what is happening is clear. If you do have any queries at all we’ll do our best to answer them as always. You can comment or ask questions below or email at any point.


You are being so prompt at these Triska, thank you!