Scop Names

Hi all!
It’s my first time at Empire this weekend and before I set anything in stone I would appreciate someone explaining Scop names in a little more detail to me.
For context my character is a Kallavesi warrior and mystic/stormcrow (we’ll see which way he leans fully after the events of E1). His name’s Vidarr, however for IC reasons he has a fascination with runes and has designs of them tattooed on his skin. An old Scop comrade of his gave him the name Vidarr Rune-Bound because of this. However should Vidarr prove himself during the next few events at Anvil, can he gain a new scop name related to these actions instead? Can his name be changed on the character creation page? Can literally any Scop give him a new name in this way? Does anyone on here have any examples of Scop names that have been given to their characters in the past?


When creating a Wintermark character, you have a choice of giving them a birth surname (based on the name of their parent, e.g. Karenson or Stevesdottir), a hall surname (based on the name of their hall’s founder, e.g. Lindaling or Borisling) or a pre-defined scop name (e.g. Foespork or Hamstersbane). There’s no problem with any of these routes, depending which you prefer. Giving yourself a scop name is a great way of inserting some background character fluff into your identity - and if you’re super lucky, someone may even ask about it!

Being giving a new name by a scop in the field is also possible (although not terribly common) - but it may be worth letting your scops know that you’re hoping to earn a new name, or they may not think to bestow one upon you. People can get rather attached to their names.

Scop names I’ve seen in the past include things like “Dire Wolf” and “Foehammer”. I named my own character “Crowstooth” when I created them, because it was relevant to my concept.

Kennings (compound terms used as a single noun) are a good starting point when looking at names, but the options are near limitless!

As far as I’m aware, the name change isn’t (and can’t be) reflected on your character page, though feel free to correct me there. I’ve never looked too closely!

As for who can do it - any scop is capable of giving a name. It can be done publicly, or privately. It can be official, formal or silly - there’s no guideline really. Sometimes it’s combined with a priest performing the Testimony priest skill, which etches the name into your character’s soul, but this isn’t necessary or part of the naming tradition.


Everything I needed to know and more :slight_smile: