Scottish player event (potentially November) - Market Research

Market research time! I’m considering running a House of Seven Mirrors player event north of the border.

Looking at both the summer LARP calendar, venue availability, and the fact that a key event team person has a newborn baby, we’re probably aiming for November.

Two venues look particularly suitable. The first, the Rowantree in Edinburgh, would be a Saturday evening social event similar to the three London events we’ve run; several musical performer slots, and an hour under the Rule of Seven Mirrors.

The other, Arta in Glasgow, would likely be for an entire afternoon and an evening. It’s a fantastic Italianate venue - it could be, for instance, a colloquium at the university at Tassato although I haven’t yet thought beyond that. But the difficulty is that we could only realistically get it on a Sunday.

Thoughts? If you live either in Scotland or the north of England, would you travel? If you live further south and are slightly potty, would you travel…?

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Travelling from south yorkshire either or really. Glasgow has better sleeping arrangements but Edinburgh is easier to get too.

With enough notice I might be up for the Glasgow event, even with it being a Sunday. London to Glasgow on the train is 6hrs, which I’ve done before for a player event up there. I might classify as a bit potty though… :slight_smile:

Sleeper trains FTW!
Many Londoners were put off by a York event, even though we are less than 2 hours by train from Kings Cross.

Either sounds great from Durham!