Screw tops

So, since i’ll be playing a healee i have a bunch op potion bottles and vials, unfortunately these are glass so not ideal for the battlefield.
The only plastic bottles i can find have screw tops. Would this be a problem? I’d only use them when i’m on the battlefield

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This is way below the threshold of “things people will actually care about about your kit”. Small plastic potion bottles with screw tops will bother nobody. If anybody gives you hassle about them you’re welcome to send them to the refs, who will remind that person of the rules on uninvited criticism about costume.


Plenty of people use screw top bottles, most of mine are.

Only thing I can suggest is if you are filling them with anything that you expect yourself or others to drink please keep track of exactly what’s in them, as the range of possible allergies on the field are wide and varied.
If you’re planning on filling them with anything that isn’t consumable (paint, plastic glitter etc) then please glue the lids on securely because larpers are not always the most sensible people and will try to drink almost anything even if you’ve told them not to. :slight_smile:


I concur on avoiding the glass for the battlefield. One or two small and well protected bottles in a satchel, yes in your pocket, no.

I made this phys-rep =
A small “hip-flask” shaped bottle of rum, looks like glass but is actually plastic.
(Drank the rum)
Applied a parchement-like label to the front, “True Vervain, for use on battle fatigue and minor injuries, taken internally”
Filled it with lemonade with a dash of green food colouring and a pinch of edible glitter.

I thus had an IC labelled bottle of green sparkly stuff that I could safely stuff in my pocket. And on the field of battle, the folks you administer True Vervain to are generally quite happy to have a swig or three…:slight_smile:


Most of the bottles on field have screw tops, be they potion or drinks. Don’t worry about it. My recommendation for a job lot of plastic bottles would be these.

I bought either 50 or 100 back when I played a Physick, as part of a group order. The plain metal caps look great. If you want to hide plastic or branded tops , you can just dip them in wax like the top of Maker’s Mark bottles. Youll get best results cheap with a mix of 90% cheapo candles, 10% beeswax if you have it. Stops the candle wax flaking as much. The other one I’ve done is tiny fabric squares glued over them like the fabric tops of fancy jamjars.

The other good one for plastic is just to paint it! Nobody knows what’s under the paint.