Scrivener/Mage Required

Hi everyone

I may ask this on the facebook group we have but I’m in need of a scrivener/mage to put together a document for me ahead of our winter event in a few weeks, is there anyone hear who can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Are you after a nice IC looking document to be made to a precise set of directions?

I might be able to help, although this is also a good place to ask. :slight_smile:

Do you mind me asking what kind of document it is? Is it a contract or is it a work of literature? Is it a guide to something or is it for entertainment? This will have an impact on who you will want to talk to. I also recommend you look on the discord as well (if you have discord) as there are a few people on there who might be able to help.

So it will be an IC contract that I’m looking for, the information is specific as to the terms but will also need bit of fluffing up if that makes sense?

Further to this I am looking for someone who is a mage/coven who can help with a certain ritual attached ot this document ideally

These forums are OOC, you can ask a little more specifically :slight_smile:

What sort of contract, what sort of ritual?

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Just realised I’m being accidentally vague, so the ritual is Scrivener’s Bloodmark which as i understand it, is an autumn ritual/magic

Scrivener’s bloodmark will cost either eight crystal mana, if the ritual has not been mastered by the ritualist, or four mana, if it has been. You will most likely be required to pay a fee to the scrivener and to the mage/mages.

If the mage can’t solo cast it (has it mastered and has four levels of autumn law or just has eight levels of autumn law) then it will likely be a coven that you will need.

I was told by a veteran player that the usual fee is one to two crowns on top of the price in resources to perform the act or create the item. This means that if the other person in the contract isn’t willing to go halves you are looking at four mana (around one to two crowns to buy from a player) and two crowns at the very least. Four mana is quite a lot, being over half the amount that a player would get each event from their mana site.

Is this something you are willing to pay? I certainly wouldn’t want to pay all of that unless I knew the contract would make me at least a throne in profit.

If you’re after IC services, you should solicit them IC. So looking for Scrivener’s Bloodmark casting and prices for this is something you should do on field. Half the game for a scrivener is in finding clients and haggling over prices. There are handy noticeboards in the Hub you can pin ads up on, or you could put a sign up by your tent.

If you’re after a physrep that you want to have at time in and you can claim “we got this made over the Winter by Some Scrivener Somewhere”, this is a good place to look.


Understood. I appreciate the help from the above scriveners and i’ll be sure to find you in the field