Scrying - a map of the target territory

@AliceBelfry’s recent thread on military divinations got me wondering something, and I’ve split this off into it’s own thread rather than derailing that one. Lots of rituals that target territories require a map, especially but not exclusively night and day divinations (other examples include Dance of Navarr and Thorn in Spring)

The exact sentence used is

This ritual requires a map of the target territory.

But what I’m not so clear about is whether or not the map is a game item like a mana crystal or a Bourse note that needs an in-game source. Or is it more like a prop that any character can be assumed to able to acquire as long as the player provides it, like heavy armour or a mage staff?

I suspect a prop for the most part, as detailed maps of the entire empire are available on the wiki, with detailed maps of some barbarian territories also there from spying. As it’s on the wiki it’s presumed to be publically available


I got the impression that it means that a territory is sufficiently mapped in an ‘on the wiki’ sense. The recent push to map the Bay of Catazar will only allow us to have basic maps, not maps detailed enough to cast rituals (I believe). When I’m back at a PC I’ll try and dig that out.


So in game terms a map is created by a spy network (or the technique of the Celestial Key order of the Citadel guard), once a map is created it is diseminated in Imperial Lore (the wiki) and any phys-rep of such information meets the criteria for a map in ritual terms. You do not need an explicit map ribbon.

As for the Bay of Catazar mapping we will probably find out whether it is sufficient to create a map or not, (there might be a middle ground where it is possible to develop coastal divination magic off it.)

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Thank you. I wasn’t thinking so much for the Bay of Catazar mapping opportunity, more for Imperial-adjacent territories or those Imperial territories with barbarian armies in them.

I was thinking especially of Hordalant, Liathaven, Spiral and the Barrens, and to a lesser extent Semmerholm and Zenith. Is it appropriate to take images from the Maps page and print those for use in the field?

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Yes, the Empire and thus the wiki, has all those maps. If it helps the information from the original Barrens spy network (the map they produced) is pretty much the info on the wiki (with some updates.)

For instance this map, was what I used when I was doing a divination ritual on Astolat. It worked fine.

Yes if it’s on the wiki or in the case of spy networks one of the maps produced by them before they get onto the wiki.

We have a cloth print of this map and use that when we’re scrying.

The Bay of Catazar mapping opportunity won’t produce a map that can be used for scrying, but it might be a step on the way to producing a spy network, which will.

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Exactly. Basically there’s a list of territories that PD have produced maps for - the majority are on the wiki and you can just reproduce them or find one somewhere.

I’m pretty sure that there are maybe a few maps of places that aren’t on the wiki that may have become available via plot. If they do exist, I assume that they are on a list that says “check map” and the ref will have a look at your map to see if its legit or not. This entire paragraph is completely unfounded assumption.

I was asked to scry once with a map that had a vague coastal outline of territory below the Brass Coast. They asked me to scry it, I told them I probably couldn’t, I asked a ref, the ref got back to me after a while with a No, which I then passed on to the original person.

The Bay of Catazar mapping project will hopefully give us a vague shore outline and maybe a list of territory names, which will hopefully be a first step towards getting some maps via other means.


When it says “map of the target territory”, you need a (copy of) a PD produced map of that territory - note that it needs to be specific and detailed. The maps on the wiki are available to any player who wishes to have their character own them - you could print one on IC paper, or some people sell them on fabric.

There may be additional maps which are more restricted in circulation - finding those is an IC matter.