Second costume for dawn yeofolk character

hi so ,i finished my first dawn costume (proud of it) now i am kinda thinking of making a second. i want one thats more simple and yeofolk-ish…any good exsisting patterns for a long dress ? (i have already checked the brief of the empire wiki,sadly non of them seem to work,so hope people would help me


Unfortunately the pattern companies tend to switch out their costume patterns fairly regularly and as the wiki was first set up some 6(?) years ago now, a lot of links are out of date. Usually if you search for the pattern number + company you can find them secondhand on Etsy or eBay.

It’s obviously going to depend on your experience level/confidence, but here are some possibilities for a basic kirtle-type dress. Your choice of fabric is going to have a big effect - keep the colours bright and rich with plenty of trim for Dawn, but switch down to slightly coarser fabrics - linen/linen-look and wool - for the lower status of yeofolk.

Nice fantasy-style princess seam dress, the high collar and tunic length with slits are nice extra options:

Yes, it’s Merida cosplay. You’ll want to skip the shoulder rolls (they belong in the League) and it’s a lot easier to have a separate undershirt/shift/smock rather than the frilled false front, but the long lines, and back and waist lacing work just fine for Dawn:

Happy working from a tutorial rather than a pattern? Check out Rosalie Gilbert’s website - lots of simple tutorials for medieval garb including two kinds of basic laced kirtle: one with underarm gussets in the T-Tunic style, and one with inset sleeves:


They’re off-brief for all Empire nations.