Is there any limit on how many times a day you can use the power of a sect bond? Because at the moment the optimum plan seems to be to bind everyone in a Nation into one so that any given band of priests from that nation can make powerful auras on the cheap. Unlike Covens, where the coven bond limit prevents supercovens from being the default.

Dunno about any limits but you are still restricted to one reliquary per sect, dunno how important they are though.

Note the new rules on Sects - cheap auras have been nixed. … 2014#Sects

Cheap auras by anointing have been nixed, but if you bind a reliquary to a sect you can hallow the reliquary and it affects the whole sect still…

Mmm, good point - I thought they had a limit of 15 people, but that seems to only apply to Banners. … ands_Items

Limits of 15 people apply to the benefits granted by magical standards they do not apply to the number of people who can be in a banner.

It’s a subtle but important difference.

The big issue as I see it is that liao use might well go down as a result of this change as people use hallowed band objects over mass annoints and exorcisms have now got cheaper. But we will see.

The change does also makes sects a Priest Thing, which to me is a shame - my deceased Highborn character was the only (mechanical) priest in the Chapter, but the Chapter was a Sect and the mechanics supported it as a “charismatic preacher plus group of devoted followers” thing in a way that is no longer the case.

I understand the rationale for the change, but I do think it reduces some of the cool.

I feel its also a bit sad that Priests of the Way are especially disadvantaged by this change, as they can no longer assist Priests of a Virtue in using the sect bond, and are restricted down to Exorcism and Excommunication for it. OTOH, the fact that you can now use the sect bond on targets which are not another member of the sect is pleasant.

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… the sect bonus only works on members of your sect. When editing that section for some reason the editor accidentally removed all references to that requirement and none of us noticed. It’s a real danger of rules stuff - we all knew what the rule was and assumed the rule said what we thought it said. When it didn’t.

Sorry. If you want to blame someone, blame Matt Heath*

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You need to change the wording to allow or disallow Hallows and Consecrations. As objects and areas are not part of your band…

In which case, Priests of the Way are in a really bad way, only being able to exorcise and excommunicate other members of the sect, so realistically only one rite (and if that needs to be higher than, say, rank 3 on a regular basis, something’s gone horribly wrong)

So if you want to create a powerful hallow or consecration, you still need to spend the normal extra doses of Liao.

If I understand correctly you don’t need any pre-requisites to be part of a sect still, so you get an advantage for being in a sect even as a non-priest, if it also contains multiple priests of the same virtue. Those priests can give you a more powerful aura (OK, in fairness this is mostly useful for exorcism) for a single dose of liao.

Can non members still cooperate by inhaling additional liao? So if I have two priests of Vigilance in a sect and a third not in the sect, and spend two liao, they can produce a strength 3 effect? (if I haven’t got the basic rules entirely wrong that is)

Reliquaries would be an possible exception, but more clarification would definately help.

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Yeah, I figured that Matt could run faster than you, Andy. :wink:

So long as his gout isn’t giving him jip. And we’ve not been at an event so he’s probably being good. For a given value of “probably” :wink:

Actually, Matt and I were the ones who made the change. Graeme pointed out why we should not have done so, and given he is the Rules Guy we heeded his comments and reverted the changes. His argument that actually it’s fine were compelling, and his soft Scots brogue always carries with it the vague threat of dentistry if you disagree which makes agreement the only rational option.

If it causes everyone to form massive National uber-sects to save liao on exorcisms, we’ll revisit the rules next Winter.


So long as his gout isn’t giving him jip. And we’ve not been at an event so he’s probably being good. For a given value of “probably” :wink:[/quote]

Matt can just sic the Highguard kids on him, no-one can outrun them. :smiley: