Sedan chairs concept

hello all i know this edges into “trader” but im just exploring the idea at present and seeking the widest possible audience

sedan chairs
(1) what are your thoughts?
(2) how much would you pay if you were to hire one
(3) and would you balk at paying more for being moved around at the more extreme muddy events (ie like E8)

Brother lupo (the grocer)
compagnia de rossi

There’s a guy at LT who pulls people around in a 2 wheeled cart, don’t know how much he charges, but the Locko Park site is much greener than the LT one, so less of an issue with mud.

Hence, with the mud issue and PD, I wouldn’t fancy being carried by 2 people sedan chair style, just on the risk of unstable footing, hence a hand pulled cart may be a better option (plus you could use it to move kit on/off IC field…)

I feel the presence of sedan chairs would add to the richness of the game.

I would predict the demand and the prices both being higher at muddier events.

My character would find the idea of people who could walk being carried around both puzzling and hilarious.
I therefore encourage you to do it.

I would be a bit worried about the safety aspects though. Ground is slippery and covered in trip hazards.

Someone did this at Maelstrom for a bit - they painted it up in yellow and black chequered patterns like a New York taxi if I remember correctly (that element was a bit cringeworthy). Perhaps because of this, it never really seemed to take off as a service beyond a bit of a novelty. There was also the fact that in open PVP you could theoretically be attacked at any point, so taking a ride from strangers was a risk, as was performing a service in which both hands were occupied.

I think this Idea is great and very leauge.

I would offer a few words of warning.

Safety of the person being carried.
How is the chair constructed? Would the chair be able to take the more “prosperously” proportioned LARPER? (for examplie in full kit i tip the scales at 24 stone)

Safety of the people doing the carrying
Moving over difficult terain while bearing weight
Just being able to lift the chair and the person inside

I think the idea is great but the “Elf and Safety” might kick it into the long grass

Talk to PD and then if they say yes- get it checked just so everyone is happy.

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thank you everybody with these responses (plus the facebook ones) ive got enough to make a decision — ta