Sell us your stuff for Xmas!

This thread is for all the Empire related crafty/arty/creative folk who make stuff and whose goods might be of interest to the rest of us in the lead up to Xmas :slight_smile:.

Please feel free to hawk your wares here.


My name is Steph and I make all sorts of art things and plush. Some have an Empire theme and some are just cool bits of artwork you can keep. This year I’ll be hoping to have more christmas cards with an Empire theme, learn to hand spin wool kits and Commission gift vouchers.

There will be updates to the shop toward the end of November with all of these things.
My main shop is here:

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My wife does custom embroidery - mostly for cosplay and gaming patches, but she’s done a fair few pieces for Empire groups, as well as several embroidered battle and group standards!


I have a little page I’ve started and a post to LARP kit that may be of relevance :slight_smile:


I make abacuses. 12x12cm or 12x32cm, copper rod and imitation pearls.