Selling food

Are you allowed to sell food to other players? I’m thinking of making food during the event and selling to other players. Is that allowed? Do I need to fill out any forms? What are the allowances/ restrictions?

If it’s for real money you need to email profound decisions to get permission to trade on Field. Expect to provide things like health and hygiene certificate’s

If it’s for in character currency (so no real life monetary value) fill your boots there are no real restrictions assure from you being wholey responsible for what you vend.

you certainly wont be the first

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Thanks so much! Was planning on IC money for the food anyways, so that’s a massive help! You wouldn’t happen to know what type of food costs what in IC money, would you?

Well as players get 18 rings in “seasonal savings/wages/etc” something it that range will get you a market. More than that are you’re catering to people who don’t mind spending their resources on cake, so the idle rich, who are around but you need to do something special to attract their attention.

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I was thinking 5 to 10 rings, insofar as my understanding of the IC currency goes. Thank you so much for the helpful info!

Now, I need to go draft a few ideas!

I’d recommend cheaper than that if you can… I’ve spent several fun hours peddling savoury snacks for a ring or 2 or 3… above that people start thinking a little harder.

Bear in mind it can’t be hot food, and that you’re going to put in a lot of shoe leather, and not make your fortune.

Would you like a link to the wiki page on this?


Im studying the wiki as we speak, could you please define what these snacks are, if you can… and yeah, I work retail in the RL instance and South African to boot, a little legwork is about the normal for a sale, so no worries.

Are hotdogs considered ‘hot food’ items and therefore not allowed to be sold by a player?

Thanks again for all your info.

Hi! Geoffrey’s RL (and IC) partner here. Snacks we’ve sold include:

  • Roasted smoked almonds
  • Roasted maize (often a mix of the two so it goes further, as the almonds are quite pricey)
  • ‘Sausage’ rolls (vegan sausages in pastry, with relish or mustard)
  • Salty pretzels
  • Regular mixed dried fruit and nuts
  • Cheesy bites (cheese straw pastry, but in rounds for ease of transport)

On the sweet side, we’ve had (vegan) gingercake, jam tarts, almond slice, and gingerbread Druj (shop bought mini gingerbread people, suitably iced in venomous green).

And a slight correction - you can sell hot food for IC money, it’s just selling it for OC money that’s not allowed, as PD want to protect that market for the dedicated caterers. So yes, you can sell hot dogs, and will probably do good business with them.


Thanks so much! Wow, those snacks sound amazing!! Again, thank you so much to you and everyone who replied here, so many ideas for IC now.

I’ll definitely have to hunt down some of the gingerbread druj sometime!

“Look. We did not come across a bunch of Druj freed from Dubhtraig. We did not capture them on their way home, and nail them down in a Autumn Regio. We did not sacrifice them to an Autumn Eternal in exchange for trade goods. We definately did NOT shatter their souls into crystallised mana and their bodies into baked goods! Okay!? Now, would you like a gingerbread Druj?”

Sales patter. You can do wonders with it…


You, Sir… are a genius. When eventually I get to Anvil, I hope to run into you and buy you a very large drink.


How big a hot dog? I mean for a hot meal like that you are going to get a lot more than savoury snacks (especially if the weather is bad!) but then hot dogs can vary a lot in size and therefore value (As im sure you know :smiley: )

Its also worth knowing that every player starts with a lot more than 18 rings, as the resources in theory offer equal value, even if that isnt exactly in cash.

About the same size as something youd get at the German stalls at the christmas market. Its definitely not a snack, more of a meal on the go. Hence my reasoning behind the 5 rings price tag, comparable to a decent draft at one of the bars. As for weather dependant, I can absolutely guarantee that it’s a hot or cold weather food.

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