Selling knight/warrior kit!

Hi all!
I’m selling my kit from my previous character. All of it has only been used at one event previously. I’ve got:

  • A butted chainmail hauberk
  • A blue/white vertically divided surcoat
  • A medium sized kite shield
  • A blue/white vertically divided shield cover

The hauberk is the Alaric chainmail from Larp Fashion. It’s their medium size and has reinforced underarms. I’d say it’s in very good condition! It’s kept in the dry and occasionally given a blast of WD-40. I remove any rust I see on it by gently scrubbing it with a tooth brush. I am looking to get £80 for it.

The surcoat is the Anton Tabard from Mytholon. It’s a halved in a nice dark blue and a sort of natural, creamy white. It’s been dry cleaned since the last time I wore it and doesn’t have any tears or anything. I’m hoping to get about £15 for it.

The kite shield is the RFB kite shield from LARP warriors. It has the wooden pattern on it, so it’s not too kit specific! It’s undamaged and I’d like about £40 for it.

The shield cover is the Richard shield cover from Mytholon. Like the surcoat, it’s halved in dark blue and off-white. I used this cover for the above kite shield, which is smaller than the intended size. Because of this, the cover has some stitching in it at the top corners to make it fit more snugly on the shield, but I can snip this and remove it for you if you’d like! The white side of the cover has some black smears towards the edge from the chain mail. I’d like about £5 for it, though for another £7 I can go get it dry cleaned.

I’m going to be at E4 this month, so if you are interested in buying any of these items I can bring them to the event, arrange to meet up with you and hand them over. If you’d like to buy I’m happy to accept payment through a bank transfer before the event, or I can take cash in hand on the field. If you’d like these items but aren’t going to be at E4 or want them some other time, then I can send them to you but will have to bump the prices up to cover postage.

Happy to answer any questions!

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I’d like to grab the hauberk please. I’ll be at E4 if no-one else has grabbed it.

Brilliant! Any idea when it’d suit you most to pick it up? I’m in the Mandowla’s Arms at the Marcher camp a lot, so if you’re happy to head over there then we can arrange a time, or think of something else.
How would you prefer to pay? If you want my bank details I can message them to you, but like I said I’m happy to take cash in person.

I’ll bring cash to the event. Would I be okay to pick it up about 17:00 on the Friday?

Brilliant! That should be alright. A little after the hour might be best just in case I’m still putting stuff in my tent, but I can definitely aim to be pretty close to that time.