Selling mead


Just a quick question how much is mead sold for in anvil, my character is a travelling merchant and i plan on hopefully brewing and selling some at e1 but want to set a good price i think it was like 5 thrones or something but i can’t remember can someone help.


Depends on the amount and the quality. I think if it is home made then it should be at least a throne and if it is a big bottle then that could easily go for 3 to 5. In the end I think it is more about what you feel is appropriate. People always have the option of bartering if they feel it is too much.

You could also do a little twist on how you sell it, maybe you can win it in a competition and so the entry price is cheaper than the bottle but hopefully you will have lots of people entering to get an over all high price. You could also do something like add a special label with a riddle on each bottle. People have a chance to solve the riddle and if they get it right then they have their name put into a hat for something. With a small twist to it, you can add to the price a bit. You could also go around and sell some by the glass. This would get you traveling around and should get you welcomed into most places. The individual glass could be a bit more than the whole bottle as you have to transport it.

This is my suggestion without knowing the general prices. I hope this helps.


You might struggle to shift it at 5 thrones, I’ve seen bottles at 5 crowns.


I’m sure I’ve seen bottles for at least a throne with people willing to buy them, but maybe I’m wrong.


These weren’t huge bottles, obviously a larger bottle would go for more. 5 thrones is a lot of cash though!


If you’re wanting 5 thrones it better be some damn good mead or some damn big bottles. The price of bottled booze on the field does vary, but I would personally expect to see it priced on the scale of crowns rather than thrones. I’m sure there is a market for fancy five-throne mead, but you’d really have to put in the legwork to find your clientele and not expect to sell more than a few bottles.


just a note i get confused between thrones and crowns so i probably meant 5 crowns


Okay, well like I said, I did see some of it sold for a few thrones and as soon as you said that I started imagining those large roundish bottles with the short thin neck, and thought, well there is a lot in there and it will probably go for quite a bit. People would also apricate home made a bit more I think. I’m sure a friend of mine got a bottle of shop bought wine for a few crowns and that was why I was thinking the price would be higher.


True but if you find the right person and you have a silver tongue, I am sure you can get them to pay. Maybe even for a group if the bottle is big enough.


Good luck!


5 thrones would be “ambitious” to say the least. Though there are people on the field with that amount of disposable IC cash to throw around let me put it into perspective 5 thrones (40 crowns or 800 rings) is 4 seasons worth of income to the average hero (a whole year worth of player packs).

Would you hand over your personal resource for a year for one single bottle? Probably not. unless you have more IC cash than sence and just want to show of. Your market is going to be small to non existant at this pricry.

5 crowns (100 rings) is exactly half a season’s income. Your markets become a lot bigger at this point. theirs enough established/motivated characters out there who through trade or Thier own peddling have spare income equal to multiple seaskbd worth of income. They are the ones most likely to buy your product if it’s good. but your probably not going to be selling to the average hero with a 10 crowns in his pocket. At this point you have to ask yourself what your effort is worth. Now proper mead takes at least 6 months if not years to get right and honey isn’t cheap is it worth going lower and guaranting a few sales or pricing high and trying your luck. That’s pretty much upto you.


It goes rings < crowns < thrones :slight_smile: As others have said, crowns is much more likely, unless it’s a damn big bottle!

How big are the bottles that you’re looking to sell?


i was thinking maybe 700ml ones


Have sold mead in the field before for a crown or two for a 500ml bottle, you have to remember that some characters don’t even have a crown to spend so it’s better to start low and scale up if there’s a market. My other advice is to continue to brew, my first batch was basically awful and it took 3 more batches to get it to a point where people wanted it to buy it from me!


It’s also worth pointing out that the estimates above include the entire output of the characters personal resource.

Someone with a business gets 10 crowns a season, while other resources give a comparable value of other materials, most players don’t immediately convert them into cash and many have ic commitments (putting mana into group rituals, supporting campaign armies with military units, making items for battles etc.)

This means that for a lot of characters their “disposable income” is essentially the base 18 rings plus whatever they pick up through minor trades and those characters would need to save even to afford the price in crowns.

You’d almost certainly have a market, but from what I’ve seen of others selling home made booze the trick is definitely finding the people who’s characterisation involves spending money on luxury items.


I.e. the League :stuck_out_tongue:

I sell homemade honey rum for 4 crowns for a bottle, but then we basically market it as premium stuff and it sells accordingly (yes, mostly to Leaguers). It took us time to build up that fanbase though, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work immediately! It’s also worth keeping in mind that sometimes the bars will buy bottles from individual sellers, especially once you get to late Sat when they start to run out.

You might want to walk around Anvil beforehand to get a feel for what others are selling similar sized bottles of drink at, before pricing yours accordingly.